Shanghai Hand-Made Map

Shanghai Map

I used MSPaint.exe to draw a brief Shanghai map and marked some places to live. This map may answer questions from my friends like where to rent a house….


The blue line in the map is Huangpu River. The black lines are bridge. The brown lines are elevated high way.

Nice weekend in Xinzhuang

It is a nice weekend. I spent the whole day at my friend’s house near Xinzhuang. We had perfect lunch and played XBox for about 2 hours, then we played table-tennis for the rest of the afternoon. The relaxing and meaningful activities are much better than staying at home – especially in the SARS situation when home is always the first chance to kill time at weekend.

Elevated highway

The elevated highway is extending ten more kilometers longer to the southwest part of Shanghai on the Humin road. The massive construction in undergoing, makeing the existing road wining through the construction site. The taxi driver operate the taxi to left and right just like in a computer game.

Below is for my reference only. No particular meaning for anybody else

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17 thoughts on “Shanghai Hand-Made Map

  1. Isaac, I did spend some time to look up in the dictionary to find out the meaning of the term “Sensational”. It seems to be a compliment. Thanks!

  2. sorry, jianshuo, must confused you a lot.

    I think it’s easy to do such a painting work, but not all will do it. That’s the difference.

  3. Isaac, I love particularly the clear and neat design of cnblog, even the URL. I think the URL of is a very nice one,since I hate to see question marks ? and random numbers in URL – that is not readable. I hate to see index.asp index.htm or default.htm in URL too since they otern are not neccessary.

  4. Why is Xujiahui the most romantic place to live in Shanghai? Just curious.

  5. JSW

    Thanks for the map now we just need to get the street names. So is Xujiahui the best place to live? I am looking at relocating maybe later this year for business and I like that area and its near my girlfriends home. I have spent alot of time in that area what is the romantic appeal say over the Bund or the older parts of the city?

  6. Well. Sorry for late reply to the questions about why I said Xujiahui is the most romatic area in the city. It is because of the history of the city. In the early 1900’s, the Xujiahui area was occupied by France and the history has left more than 2000 standalone gardern house in the area. The area is silent, green and full of beautiful houses. The architect of the houses are so unique and strongly contract with the other modern tall buildings in other areas.

    It is the best place to leave, which is for sure, but the problem is, there is not much house for lease or sale. If there were any, it must be very expensive. So for foreigners, the Gu Bei area near Hongqiao ariport and the Pudong new district are still the best place to look for a house. Many expats gather there.

  7. Lu Pu bridge has been put into use. It should no longer be marked as “under construction”.

    More, there are 2 channel crossing the Huang Pu river:

    1) Da Pu Qiao channel. Near to the Lu Pu bridge

    2) Yan An Road channel. Near to the Oriental Pearl Tower.

  8. I will be visiting Shanghai early Sep.

    Any recommendation on good & nice mooncake?

    where shd I get it?

    I wil be staying around Nanjing dong lu

    xie xie

  9. Good question, since the Moon Festival is coming and mooncake is the characteristic of this festival.

    As I know, you can get good moon cake on any food store – there is a specialized food store at the west part of the Nanjing East Road, near the interaction of Xizang road. For best moon cake, you can try those from hotels, like the cake from the bakery room on the first store of Shanghai Center and Ritz-Carlton hotel – I tried and it was very nice.

    Haggen-Dazze also provide icecream mooncake.

  10. Dear Mr. Wang:

    Thank you for the pictures of the former French precinct in Shanghai. That’s where my family used to live before 1949. We used to be rather wealthy before the Communists came and took away most of our money.

    – Ma Chengze

  11. Dear Wang

    Thank you for a very useful and informative site – it covers some things that you can’yt find elsewhere. I will be in Shanghai for a very short visit (1 1/2 days) on my way to Beijing next week. What do you think are the most imporant things to see in Shanghai?

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