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Update Seasonal Greetings December 23, 2003

I have added some great pictures that you can also send your own greeting card to your friend.

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May holiday is a long vacation for me – vacation at home actually. Last October, I went to Daocheng in southwest part of China and recorded in the trip in Daocheng category of this blog. Today, I created postcard gallery so you can send the pictures I took at the amazing Shangri-la to your friend, along with your greetings and wishes.

More photos can be found here (in the article) and here (as slide show). You can send any of the photo to your friend as a greeting card by pressing the “Send this Greeting Card using this picture” button.

Note: All photos are taken by myself. Commercial use is forbidden before my written permission.

Tibet said “no” to travellers

Recently, the National Tourism Administration has forbidden any foreign tourist to enter Tibet. Later, domestic tourism groups are forbidden to enter Tibet too due to the spreading of SARS. I don’t know when it will resume so we can go to the dream-like Tibet again.

East China Normal Universtity closed its door for the whole May

According to cotton:

ECNU made a rule that all the students (including shanghai students) should stay in school the whole May. No one can go home.

Universities in Shanghai have took a lot of actions to protect their students from the risk to get infected by SARS.

Appendix: SARS Daily Report 10:00 PM, May 3, 2003 (source)

New:181 (Beijing:114, Shanghai:0) Total:3971

5 thoughts on “Send a Post Card to Your Friend Today

  1. HI Mr.Wang.

    I was wondering if you can find out if the Shanghai Normal University (Shanghai Teachers University) has also ordered its students to stay on campus. This is because I have not been able to contact my friend who attends the Normal university by E-mail for sometime. Maybe this is because he has been ordered to stay in the Normal univeristy campus and does not have access to computer to check E-mail?

    Thanks in advance


  2. Japan is much better than China! You should show pictures of our superior culture!

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