First Day of May Holiday

Recently, most of the days are sunny. The spring comes to Shanghai. It is exactly the best time for outing. If there were no such SARS disease, millions of people should have started their travel to various tour destinations. Now, most of the plans were cancelled.

I have get used to the impact of SARS

The anxiousity will release with time passing by – the situation didn’t go worse in Shanghai. The disinfection and precautions are confirmed while the rumor did get confirmed (which means they are rumor in fact).

Taxi disinfection confirmed by other sources

I talked with taxi drivers to get first hand information about the city. Today, Arwen told us that “two managers have been fired due to their careless and ignorance of disinfection”.

Luo’s dinner in Hongkong

I focused more on Beijing and Shanghai than on Hongkong. My reader Luo shared with us about his dinner experience in Hongkong.

As with Shanghai, all the waiters and food handlers are required to wear surgical masks. They are suppose to keep the dishes covered until they are brought to your table.

Leaving China

These days, many expat leaves the city they live in China. Anna, our top commenter in April, has decided to return to Phlippines. It is tough because they need to give themself a 10-day quarantine before they can see their relatives and return to their own home. But I appreciate their actions. This is the attitude of responsibility to others.

Caroline, another active reader, has decided to send her kids and hubby back to U.S.

I believe they are not the only two expats who decided to leave (or ask family to leave). I hope the SARS crisis will end very soon so they can come back again.

SARS Epidemic Map in China and Beijing

Today, DigitalBeijing gave two diagrams of SARS epidemic.

Appendix: Top 10 commentor of the Month – April

I have posted the top 10 commentor (from the Sept 11, 2003 to April 3, 2003) at the begining of this month. One month has past. I want to post the list of top 10 commentor for April, 2003.

anna 29

Caroline 23

Luo 15

Shanghai Knight 9

Mainlander 8

Zhao 7

yo 7

Hao 7

Tim 6

Totally, 157 persons (distinguished by display name) posted 437 comments in April. Thanks for everyone to participate in this website. I have decided to give Top Commenter of the Month award to the top 3 commenters of every month.


So the April’s award winners are anna, Caroline and Luo.

Appendix: SARS Daily Report 10:00 PM, May 1, 2003 (source)

New:187 (Beijing:122, Shanghai:0) Total:3638

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  1. I’ve decided to go back Shanghai this summer!

    Nothing can change it!! Not even SARS!!!!

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