Panic Under Control. SARS May Not

On contrast with the no any news in March, April is the month the term of “Atypical Pneumonia” has been put the headlines of all major news papers (online and traditional)

The change started when the Minister of Health hosted the media conference at the begining of April. Before that event, no matter what media it is, you just cannot find anything about the already hot term SARS or “atypical pneumonia”, just as no body in the media industry has even heard of them. The media conference broken the silence. The media conference was played again and again in CCTV – at least I have watched for twice. The headline of almost all media changed to “SARS under control” the next day.

The Panic is “under control”. But how about SARS

If you watch TV or pick up newspaper in Shanghai now, just be sure that you can watch or read news about SARS. It is the hot term in media now. BUT, all stating the situation is under control. “there is NO sars in Shanghai” or “There is only one case in Shanghai”. People are very happy to see the news. For those who has Internet access are still aware of the danger. But how about those who use TV and newspaper as the only source of information? Will they really relax and abandon all precautions? What if there are any infection chains that were not discovered in this big city?

Detailed information gave me more confidence

I have to say Shanghai is doing a great job so far in the improving information disclosure. The SARS related news has taken about 1/6 of the time of evening news on Shanghai TV and Orient TV. It is reported that 4 hosipitals have been identified as the special treatment hospital for SARS in Shanghai, among them, one are specially idenfied for foreigners. The news program has shown the video of these hospitals and the doctors there said that although no SARS cases were found, they are completely ready for the coming SARS patients if there is any in Shanghai.

Taxi and metro tickets disinfectant

The TV also shows the scene that all Dazhong taxis were disinfected. The metro tickets are also been disinfected one by one by the metro staff. It seems very good and the life in Shanghai should be safer – at least people are taking actions.

The campaigns of SARS awareness are also going on. I saw the black board of SARS prevention instructions have been laid in lots of residental areas. The preventional measures were also been posted in the elevator of my apartment. As soon as people are aware of this and take actions, the SARS is not that dangerous.

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  1. As sars are very serious these days, I think people should pay more attention to it.

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