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yolei81 posted the WHOIS data for – which has been under our investigation for a long time.

According to the WHOIS database, the location’s owner is:


Jason Spencer

Bob Lerman

45 Henry St

Brooklyn, NY 11201


Phone: 718-654-7898


Here is the maps about this location on

Here is the satellite photo of the area.

Below are more detailed maps and photos.


Note: Please note the phone and location listed in WHOIS may not be the actual owner’s name. So please do not do anything for this phone or location yet, since it may be wrong.


Pleased do not complain using the telephone number I provided since I just saw Althey’s comment that the number belongs to a 90 year old woman, who is obviously the owner of the spammer’s website. Sorry for the inconvenience it caused.

8 thoughts on “Physical Location of

  1. How can I trace my location from my e-mail if I can only send out using HTML Lost in mountains ?? Weird Scientists and criminals here in these holding areas for the kidnapped?? Cathryn Smith contact is rjlegal at the network

  2. Well. It is not possible to trace your location of YOU from the email but it is possible to trace the location for the SERVER sending out the email. YOU and the SERVER are not neccessarily to be in the same location.

  3. The phone number is not the right number for Jason Spencer. It belongs to a 90 year old woman in New York. They are haveing a lot of trouble also. They have called the FBI. I hope that the FBI can help.

  4. I’ve just completed the instructions on this page, so far so good. I’ve also taken the liberty of applying to various sites, such as pop up porn, with the tech@endads email address. Unfortunately, I could only find a few that suited this cause in my junk mail box in yahoo. My advice is this, whenever you are asked for an email address for something that you don’t want, or for some site that doesn’t deserve to know, give them the tech support email for endads and the other greedy bastards who think that blackmail and extortion is not illegal.

  5. I sent this but found out that legal contact for rjlegal is actually at – they gave me a false address for my own lawyer in the United States but am in Canada now still serving the government as a hostage

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