Alcatel OT715

It has been 7 days since I bought my new mobile Alcatel OT715.

Resources on OT715 are very rare on the Internet. Wow. How can this happy? David has been wondering about what Alcatel is. Well, Alcatel is not that famous as Motorola, Nokia or Siemens… It is a Franch company that runs very good business in China. I think it may also run good business in Russian since 1/2 of the content on Internet about Alcatel OT715 returned from Google are either in Chinese or in Ruassian.

I am curious to know how many people in the world are using the same mobile as me. But the number should not be large, which can be reflected from the results of Google search for Alcatel OT715 – 6K entries at the time when this page is created. How about Nokia 3650? There are 161K results.

There is an official website about this mobile – but the site is among the slowest company sites I have ever seen. I am very disspointed about the site since it only contains beautiful pictures but don’t have the user manual and function description that I need.

After long time seeking, I decide to share some of my experience. I have to say I love the mobile although I don’t like its web site. It is a pity for a good mobile without a good page — I mean a good page that can be find easily in Google.

BTW, at the time this page is created, my previous page on OT715 is at the 10th place in the returning result of Google for “Alcatel OT715


Alcatel OT715 is launched in Hong Kong on July 15, 2002. It is available first in China and Hong Kong market, European market follows. At the time it is launched, it costs about 2500 RMB. At the time I bought it, its price drops to 1850 RMB in Shanghai.


Here are the key features as listed in Alcatel’s offical web site for OT715. My comments are added under each feature.

Infrared interface & serial link

Well. This is a very good feature. I use it to

  • put the pictures of my house and girl friend into the handset, and show it as standby screen.

    shanghai-fanfan-on.OT715.png shanghai-fanfan.leaning-on.OT715.png


    This can be accomplished via Creation Studio that comes with the mobile. The Infrared port is very handy to get the image from my Acer TravelMate 360.

  • Transfer contact information to and from other mobile and laptop with Infrared Interface. I always think the connection between computer and mobile are too complicated. But the transfer of contact information of Alcatel OT715 is an exception. Here are the simple steps:
    • On the handset, click Tools -> Infrared.

      The mobile will report “Infrared is activated”. Meanwhile, a small icon indicating Infrared will appear at the taskbar.

    • Put the mobile phone near the Infrared port of a laptop computer.

      The computer and the mobile should connect with each other automatically.

      OT715 should show “The infrared has been connected successfully.” and the laptop computer should show “Another computer is near by”, then change to “Wireless link with Alcatel OT715 at 115220 bps” computer-wireless.with.OT715.PNG.

    • Choose a contact person on OT715 and select Transfer from the menu.
    • Answer “Yes” when the Infrared manager on laptop computer ask you whether you want to receive the document.
    • The file will be saved on the laptop in the format of a VCard. (Typically it will appear on your desktop). You can open the VCard using notepad if you don’t have any VCard Management software like Outlook. Here is the content of a VCard.



      N;CHARSET=UTF-8:Jian Shuo Wang;





  • For the serial line, I don’t think it is useful since the software IntelliSync always crashes on Windows XP that I cannot complete a sync with my Outlook.

There should be more functions other than transfering VCard or Image. I will post for more functions after I discovered it.

Built-in GSM/GPRS (class 10) modem

What is this? I have to admit that I don’t learn new things as quick as I do 10 years ago. I have no idea about the GSM/GPRS modem, let along the term of “class 10”.

I noticed that when the mobile is connected with my laptop via Infrared Port, an additional modem called “Modem – Standard Modem over IR link (COM4)” appeared on my Windows XP laptop. I can create a Dial-Up connection using this modem, but whenever I dial, it will fail. The encouraging message is, when I dial-up using the connection, the mobile will dial out as I am using the dial-pad to dial and the mobile displays “Outgoing Call 8163” (8163 is the Internet access number in Shanghai). However, it prompted “Service not available” very soon.

I assume that it is because I don’t subscribed the Digital Data service from my NSP (network service provider). I plan to apply for this function and have a try later.

Vcard & Vcalendar exchange

I have covered this in “Irared Interface” section before. Thank God that the standard of VCard is reached so it can communicate with other mobiles and other applications.

PALM & Windows CE devices compatible

Not sure what this item means. I happen to have a Palm PDA. Let me give it a try to see if there is any possible connection between the two devices.

EMS release 4.0

I was told that I can send music with the message to my friends. It can also attach some 32×32 icons like these:

cat.png squirrel.png lion.png

However, this does not help me a lot since I don’t want to waste time to attach a piece of music before I am very sure the my friend also have EMS 4.0 functions.

Ring tones & animated icons messaging

Here are some of the pictures shipped with the mobile.

big_boss.png boat.png

Download facilities

I am not very sure about what the download facilities means. It may be only available when WAP service is available. I didn’t pay for the WAP service yet. It seems that the download here refer to downloading from a computer instead of downloading from Internet.

Interactive games

The three games come with Alcatel OT715 LOOK interesting:

  • Killer Expo
  • Run Run Run
  • Botwar

But I have to say the games are too fancy to be put into this small screen — although Alcatel OT715 has the largest screen of a mobile phone, it is still too small to play games. I don’t play any of the games. Sorry for the hardworking programers who created them.

Two-player network game

I don’t know how to use this feature yet. The users’ manual are just like the help document of Microsoft products – professional, well formatted but does not help at all. My quesiton is, why a mobile phone designed for “the high-end market” has so many game feature? Do they really expect business man to play games? Or will they play a two-player network game with another business man?

Multi-field directory

Yeh! This is the killer feature of OT715. For each individual, there are fields like Name, Mobile phone, Work phone, Home phone, Email, Address, City, Fax. These features are so handy to store two or three numbers under a single contact. When I want to dial out, two or three options are shown and let me choose to dial to his/her mobile or phone at work or phone at home. This works great for me. When I was using SIEMENS 3508, I have to create two seperate entries: Mr. Lin (HOME) and Mr. Lin (MOBILE) for the same person. The nightmare is finally over.

Scheduler, To Do list

I may be a good feature but nothing is impossible before I can setup the IntelliSync work on my Windows XP. As I have stated, it always crashes when I try to sync.

PC & Over the Air synchro (SyncML)

This feature seems fantastic. But give me some time to make it work. I may ask the helpful hotline guy to find out the answer.

I read about SyncML Server from time to time on Internet. Can I setup my own SyncML Server on There are too many questions in my mind.

High resolution display

Look at the mobile. It looks so nice!

Up to 10 lines of text (100×150 pixels)

This feature is self-explainary. I don’t need a color-screen mobile which is exteremly popular nowaways. All I need is information, instead of colorful pictures. This design of OT715 just works for me.

4 gray scale quality

EL film with blue backlight color

Very nice features that makes the modem look cool. It is announced that this mobile is “Men Mobile”. Exactly.

Zoom function & landscape viewing

Where is the Zoom function? I cannot find it anywhere on the mobile.

WAP 1.2.1 (Openwave micro browser)

I am afraid I will use GPRS instead of WAP. WAP is expensive!

Updated March 19, 2003

After another 7 days of this entry, I found the WAP function of Alcatel OT715 very useful. I have subscribed to GPRS service and can browse all the WAP sites. Further more, I added WAP function to this blog. That means, I can check who left comment on my web site and the hit counter of the page in real time. If you also have a WAP-enabled mobile, just try to browse I do feel “Information At My Fingertips” now.

SATK Class 3 Release 99

What is the new term of SATK again? Even Google cannot answer this question. SATK Class 3 seems to be the place on Internet to mention this term. Will keep investigating this.

Updated March 19, 2003

I see. It is SIM Application Tool Kit. I remember the service provider once asked me to change to another SIM card for free. It will add a new item under my main menu — services. The application is burned into the SIM card and can be accessed by the mobile.

Location services enabled

Does it mean the mobile can tell me where I am? The altitude and longtitude? If it is the case, it will be super cool. But I don’t see any interface on the mobile yet.

M-Services compatible

I have to doubt the propose of this spec: why there are so many hard-to-understand terms in the spec? I have never heard of M-Services, do you?

With the help of this webpage, I guess the M-Services are something like downloading service with OpenWav’s WAP Browser. Does it mean I can download a wall paper via WAP and show it on my mobile? It seems good. I can put my pictures on my web site and download it using my phone.

Key Benifit

Xtra large display.

Personal assistant.


Networking games.

Photograph download.

PC Software Suite.


Nice sites about Alcatel OT715

Fee of China Mobile

Here is the fee of China Mobile Communication Corp. (a.k.a CMCC)

Monthly subscription fee: 50 RMB/month

Local call: 0.4 RMB/min

Long distance call: 0.4 RMB/min + 0.07 RMB/6 seconds = 1.1 RMB/min

Good way to save money:

Dial 17951 + Long distance number: 0.7 RMB/min

Alcatel OT715 Specification

Dimensions : 116x43x20mm (L x W x H)

Weight : 88 g

Talk time : Up to 6h30 (Pmin, 50%DTX)

Standby time : Up to 250 h (Paging 5, static)

Dual band : E-GSM 900 / DCS 1800

Standards : GSM Phase 2 / Phase 2+

Speech codec : EFR / FR / HR

Patch antenna

Standard battery : Lithium Polymer

DriveKey?: 5 positions

Enhanced blue backlight

Speech Codec : EFR/FR/HR

SIM card : 1.8 / 3V SIM, 3V SIM, 3 / 5V SIM. Not compatible with 5V only SIM.

SATK : SIM Application ToolKit Class 3 Release 99

WAP : WAP 1.2.1

Update: July 9, 2003

If you are looking for software for OT715, try to look at this entry: Alcatel OT715 Software

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  1. Thanks for the info (too bad they don’t sell this phone here in Canada)!!! BTW, is there anyway for me to send SMS messages to Chinese mobile phones from a web interface? From what I gather, the receiver pays the charge so it should be free to send online right? Also, if I bring my CDMA phone from North America to Shanghai, can I get on the network? Thanks again Jianshuo, this site is quite a gem for information.


  2. David,

    I am afraid the payment rule is China is, the sender of the SMS pays the money. It is not expensive – 0.1 RMB per message, but you need to find a working mobile to work.

    There are many websites here that you can send SMS. For example,, You can get more information if you can read Chinese from the sites. What you need is a mobile phone user name (the phone number) and password. – In China, the password is sent to your mobile upon request. The fee wil be charged to your mobile bill.

    I am not 100% sure about whether your mobile should work in China or not. There are three bands of GSM in the world – GSM 900/1800/1900 MHz. Only a Tri-Band can work around the world. I am not sure about which band Canada is using.

  3. “at the time this page is created, my previous page on OT715 is at the 10th place in the returning result of Google for ‘Alcatel OT715′”

    it’s 7th now. congra!

  4. Dear Sir,

    I’ve just bought a 715 myself but the PC software didn’t come with it! is there any possibility that you could send me a copy of it as i desperatly need it as i’m becoming bored not being able to use the phones’ great features thanks in advance

    Islam Ghoneim, Urologist

  5. Dir Sir

    I’ve the same situation as Mr Islam Ghoneim has. Could you add my e-mail adress to the letter if you’ll be sending Creation Studio software. That will make me very happy. Thanks.


  6. Hi there!

    Has anybody seen on the internet the site, where I can download the PC Software Suite from?

    I have the infra-red on my PC, so that it would work great…

    Thanks in advance.

    Take care,


  7. Hi Islam Ghoneim, Julek and Ediweder:

    Nice to see you are interested in this site and the most unique thing we all have in common is that we use the same model of mobile phone – a model that is not as popular as Nokia.

    For the PC software you are asking, I do have the disk but it is not with me right now. I believe I can get it later. However, there is a problem with sharing the content of the PC software since it MAY be illegal to copy it as specified in the End User Licence Agreement (EULA). I am not sure yet but I will check to see if the software can be shared with others. I need to follow the license rule although I know you have the mobile and should have the license to use the software.

    Sorry that I cannot help immediately but I will be back shortly after I get the disk AND checked the rules. It may also be a good idea to check my local Alcatel hotline to see if they provide any download service from their official web site.

  8. Hi, thanks for your advice on the SMS. I recently signed up for Sina SMS and it works great. $5 US for 80 messages seems like a good deal and very useful.


  9. Yeah, I signed up with Sina. Actually, this service that sina offers is specifically for long distance SMS so that friends of people living in China can send SMS to them from outside the country. In fact, the service is based in San Meteo California. Great service!


  10. I bought OT715 wihtout the PC suite & RS 232 cable(my country dont provide, i just confirm this afternoon), i am so sad =~| , did anybody know where can i download the software tool from? Thanks a lot.

  11. I have checked with Alcatel and it seems there is no place on the web to download the software suite. It is part of the orderable part for the mobile.

    Let me check how large the software suite is. I have checked that as long as you have the mobile, you should have a license of the software suite. I believe it is legal for me to share the content with you as long as you have a software license.

    Please coming back to see update about it.

  12. Very nice. I know someone will get this idea and put it into commerial use. Sina did. Very good service! I hope there is any service that can send me a SMS when anyone leave a comment on my blog. I have setup WAP so I can check the comment using my mobile, but a realtime notificaiton may work better.

  13. Hi,

    I think there’s a Perl module Net::SMS that’s registered in CPAN. I’m not quite sure how much you would have to pay to send messages, but if you could get it working, it would be an awesome extension to movable type don’t you think? In fact, this might be something I could do after work :-D


  14. Thanks Jian for taking interest into our need for the PC software suite, it seems Alcatel is not providing it regularly to all owners, please keep us updated when the software will be ready for us to download…

    Thanks again…Islam

  15. The software suite is really large – 364 M in size with 1053 files and 173 folders.

    I am not sure about the best way to share with you. Let me check this first.

  16. Hi Jian Shuo Wang, I believed you can put in Kazaa to share with us =))

    Thanks for your help =)

    Thank you!

  17. Hi Jian, are you familiar with Kazaa?

    espicially the fact that the provider (you) have to stay on the network for as long as the person who is downloading.

    otherwise , the person who is downloading will not be able to download the complete software.

    Kazaa website:

    (Just so you know =))))

    Thanks again , Jian , Thank you!!

  18. I cannot make sure my computer at home is always connected to internet. Is there any other ways?

    – sorry that I am too busy recently and don’t have too much time to research on “large storage” providers. Please advice.

  19. i mus now how to get pc software alcatel 715 pleace i don’t no.I have alcatel 2 months and i realy now, what this phone can.pleace help me.try to help me.thanks.sorry fo my english.


  20. hai, jian,

    I am want to share your software Pc suite too. I just bought my OT715 five days ago, but I don’t know to get the software. and do you now the purpose of function Privacy ? in the tools—>setting—>privacy



  21. Hi Jian!

    I’d never thought before that once I would buy an Alcatel, but now I’ve been enjoying it since March (what a sentence…). It’s really-really greatful! I use it with the PC software suite and the serial cable, and I love making screensaver images and animations. I don’t know about any other mobile that has the same personalizing possibilities. (Except the following OT735…)

    Wish you the best: Csamang?Attila from Szeged, Hungary

    p.s.: Have You found the ZOOM tool yet? (/My Setup/Zoom – 5 text lines instead 7)

  22. Hello Everyone,

    I myself just bought an Alcatel 715 too. Like it very much. I need the software pc suite too. Can anyone please share with me?? How ??


  23. I have to compliment you for ur effort on this site… It’s pretty informative and i’ve learnt quite a lot on the phone from this site. but like a lot of people, i have this problem cause i can’t get the software… do u think we can arrange i downloading session cause i have a friend with a fast connection (2mb)…

  24. Well. I am certainly aware that a lot of people need the software and I have the software. The problem is, I am not sure about the license agreement of the Alcatel phone and it seems to ban people from Sharing it on Internet. I think it is riduculous since it is useless for people without a Alcatel mobile. The representitive from Alcatel didn’t tell me whether I can share their software. Also, the software package is large – about 200Mb. Since I just sold my computer at home, it seems not easy to find somewhere to share with you. (I cannot use P2P software) Do you have any ideas?

  25. Maybe the best way to get the software is to make a copy of it in CD and then send it to people who need it(only those who have Alcatel 715. Those interested just need to pay the cost of mailing and a small sum for the disk. But then it would be troubling for the person sending it. Anyone got any better idea???

  26. since i don’t have the Pc software for convert my son picture. Could I send my son picture to you,so could you help me to convert my son picture into alcatel format. so I can transfer from my laptop to my mobile. it it *.bmp or *.jpg that you can convert with your pc software


  27. Finally, I decided to share the software for people who have Alcatel, despit of the license limitation – I believe it is quite reasonable to share since all people who have bought Alcatel should have kept a license to use the software so my sharing does not volient the license and cannot be regarded as piracy.










  28. (for Samuel) You can convert pictures and sound format using MCS pro from Alcatel’s Website , just sign on the ahead program. The problem is to upload to the mobile trough IrDa port for what you need the software. Another way is putting your images and sounds on your computer and access them via WAP (you must configure some MIME types) but , of course is not as easy …

    (for everyone) I bought the mobile , but it didn’t come with the software, Alcatel wants to sell me with the cable (that I don’t need and I don’t want) , they refused to sell me the software alone, so , it would be great if someone can put somewhere on the net… Thanx

  29. Yes. I will do that. You know, I am very serious about copyright, license stuff. I am very sure the people who see the page and left comment are legal user of the software. Since I don’t have a dedicated server, I will connect my laptop online for two days. Hope you can successfully download it.

  30. I have been tried to use MCS Pro, but after I convert and sent use Irda, it said invalid data in my laptop and fail to send, so I am not sure what is wrong, it is the picture extention not correct or the software converter is not good or my Pc does not compatible, but I can get and send data from my directory using Irda.

    wang please register me. this is my email,thanks



  31. Hi nice Website.

    I Have the onetouch 715 alcatel mobile it is so cool an very nice ringtones(polyphonic)I really need The softwaer too if you can or some polyphonic ring tone website for the ot715 because i can’t find any.

    Thank Very Much

  32. I have the Alcatel 715 software for sale. The price is just US 10 dollar. Anyone who is interested can email me at Once the payment is made, I will send the cd(software) to your designated address.

  33. Well, I am not 100% sure if I am comfortable with Anbarasan’s “advertisement”, since I don’t think it is legel to sell the software you don’t own.

  34. One “stupid” question , the 200 Mb size is original size or using any compressor? (ZIP, RAR ..)

    Can you tell us some details about how will be the access?

    with links,ftp? several files,one big file?

    Thanx ^_^!

  35. Dear Jian Shuo Wang,

    I have alcatel 715 and did not find the PC Software Suite (TD9) for my handphone. I am intersted in software alcatel 715. Please let me know the way to download from your site.


  36. Hi Jian! , please! , could you send the information to thins account also!!? I’m not sure I’ll can read the hotmail account ^_^

    Thank you very much !

  37. Try to download the software at

    Note: It is about 300M in size, so it may take hours to download it.

    Please be aware that this file is hosted on my laptop computer and my laptop only have Windows XP, which accept 2 concurrent connections. So if you meet “Too many connections” error, please try again later.

    I will try to keep it up for the weekend, from night of July 4 (the time I write this comment), till end of July 6. However, I cannot garrenttee that this is no break during this time — what if the electricity goes off or I just happen to drop the network cable. I will try to keep it up and running though.

    Please let comment on this blog to let me know if you meet any difficulties download the software.

    Disclaimer: This download only opens to those who have already bought Alcatel OT715. If you didn’t bought it, it is illegal to use this software since you don’t have a license.

  38. Jiang,

    I have been trying to download the software but can’t seem to access it. Can you extend this to July 8th? Thanks

  39. Mr Wang, could you please keep the file up to July 8th coz I can’t get it yet. Always get server’s busy.

  40. Dear Mr. Ji

    I give up to download, because I got bad connection and stopped in the midle.

    thanks for your effort and look forward to get a copy Cd from you.


  41. I also had problems to download ^_^’ hope you can put it online again!


  42. Hi Jian,

    I have been trying download the software until today but can’t seem access into it… So disappointed!

    Is there any more solutions to this??

  43. Hi there! Thanks for your informative article! Here is some other OT715 info which you and others maybe interested:

    1. Intellisync

    Although officially it isn’t compatible with Windows XP, I had no problem installing it on my Windows XP box and syncing my Outlook Express’s address book with the phone (using COM4 as the connection).

    However, at installation, if using IrDA, do not establish the connection or otherwise the installation program will “hang”. After installation, establish the connection and choose COM4 as the connection port and it’s okay.

    Besides that, although it can sync my OE’s address book, the Field Matching function is not working, that means you can’t change individual field matching options, but otherwise it works fine. Asked Alcatel about it and they said “the software doesn’t support Windows XP blah blah blah…”

    2. Mobile PhoneTools

    I don’t use the functions much but the Phonebook feature isn’t capable of editing entries on the phone’s memory. It’s only capable of editing entries on the SIM card and even so it will trim the names to 6 characters whenever you sync them.

    Asked Alcatel and no useful responses either.

    3. GPRS Class 10?

    Reference here:

    In short, the higher the class, the faster the GPRS speed.

    4. Palm and CE device

    That means you can “beam” a contact or datebook (in Palm, dunno what’s it in CE) or any other Vcard and Vcal items between them.

    The phone can also act as a modem for the PDA device.

    5. GPRS versus WAP

    GPRS is the connection only, they aren’t mutually exclusive, you can use WAP over GPRS or GSM.

    6. Location services

    No it’s not GPS… :) Seems like something that the providers can broadcast messages to handsets within the range of a station if the handset has this feature set on. Heard in some countries providers can broadcast info like nearby restaurants blah blah…

    Not sure and not interested.

    Hope these help!

  44. Update on Intellisync for OT715:

    The Field Matching function works. But when setting it you have to change the synchronize option to “Synchronize” (I was choosing PC -> Mobile Phone previously), then access the Field Matching option and change the settings.

    Afterwards, go back and choose whatever synchronize option you like.

    (There are so many “quirks” in the software suite…)

    Have a nice day!

  45. You’re welcome! As you noticed that there aren’t much people using this phone, related resources on the web are scarce. So I just want to share the info that may help others.

    After spending quite some time figuring out how to use the GSM/GPRS modem function on Windows XP and Palm OS 4, here it’s, a quick and crude guide on the setup.

  46. hi all,

    i’m really proud with my new ot715,

    despite the good features inside, it is considered rare, i mean there are not so many people using it comparing with nokia, siemens, sony erricsson, etc.., so i can say my self exclusive.. :)

    ok, to mr tatox, i have already tried your website (via wap), and i found some nice ringtones inside. i knew that u are in the same country with me, so please pv me at, i’d like to know much more about this great machine


  47. Hi anyone i have built a SEQ polyringtone download… above..

    But i think my network provider / GSM operator was to jerky.

    Can you download the polyringtone cause i can’t.

    If you can i am planning move to other gsm operators.

    Try it please with your WAP Alcatel phones.

  48. hello OT715 family,a new member is added. i bought my OT715 on 31-07-2003.

    my demand is, i need all relevant files for my OT715. tx all.

  49. Hi all,

    Iam dafi from indonesia, I just bought my OT 715 in ROXY, one of the biggest cellphone market in the world ( trust me). Amazing!! it’s a “huge” phone with small price, and the agent told me that they can give me the CD and data cable but they have to order it from franch. :(. since I know that many of you guys need the ware. I will devide the file in to may be 20 separated file so you can easily dowload it. be patient and for jian, you are great man!! see you and pezzzzzzzzzzzz

  50. Thanks Dafi, I just feel the problem to find a bigger diskspace to share the files. Maybe you can help with your download.

  51. Hi, I am from Malaysia. I’ve downloaded the 527 files from the URL mentioned, combined them and burnt it onto a CD. The CD is about 360MB, but out of which about 100MB is Acrobat reader installation files (for different languages). I removed the Acrobat files and compressed the remaining into a 124MB self extracting file(using the best compression tool from Now, I share this file with iMesh. Anyone interested can search for the file “Alcatel_OT_715.exe” via iMesh. I’ll keep my PC on 24×7. Thanks.

  52. Hello Everyone,

    I have the Alcate 715 software and data cable for sale(original and still new and unused)for USD60.00. I have sold the handphone to my cousins so I have no need for the data cable and software. My cousins doesn’t want it too. Anybody interested can contact me at

    The phone is fantastic especially its RF in weak network area.

  53. Dear All,

    I got the Software Alcatel from this site (many thanks to Jian).Most of the aplication are working properly. I have a problem on “mobile phone tools” using infra red. It looks not stabil. I have got connection once and I can use the features, like sending fax, but only one time. After that I try to connect again but it failed until now. Is there anybody can give me advise? I think the “mobile phone tools” application is very usefull if working very well.

  54. Dear All,

    I got the Software Alcatel from this site (many thanks to Jian).Most of the aplication are working properly. I have a problem on “mobile phone tools” using infra red. It looks not stabil. I have got connection once and I can use the features, like sending fax, but only one time. After that I try to connect again but it failed until now. Is there anybody can give me advise? I think the “mobile phone tools” application is very usefull if working well.

  55. Thanks to Ricky for your advise.

    I have decreased the speed to 9200 bps and still failed.

    There is still red sign (bad connection) at the right corner always appear. Event the speed I changed to 2400 bps.

    I think, I have downloaded a bad file. Would you mind to sent me the application “mobile phone tools” english version? I have checked the size is not big enought. It is about 7.5 mb. I would like to re-install and reported to you the result.

  56. Do You have disactivated image transfer in irda properties ?

    I have the same problem with you when try mobile phone tools software, but after I read the manual, I get the green light in the corner.

    May be it would better you read the manual first.

  57. Ricky,

    You are lucky man has gotten the green light.

    I will try your advise.

  58. Ricky, please advise me, I can not find the disactivated image transfer in irda properties. I don’t have the manual for mobile phone tools. Please help me, thanks

  59. Sorry, i’m late to answer your question, because I’m on duty on that time.

    What Operating System do you use ?

    if Windowss 2000, open Control Panel and choose Wireless Link, and then choose image transfer.

    There are the options about image transfer, just disactive them.

    I am trying to find the manual but not yet found, if I found it, I will send to you by mail.

  60. Ricky, I am using windows 98se. There is no wireless link icon on control panel. Please advise, how to disactive image transfer on win 98se. Thanks in advance.

  61. Using infrared under Win98SE needed some files from CD installer.

    If success, there will be an icon in right taskbar that indicate some infra device is in the range.

    Double click that icon, and we will got the option.

    If using Win98SE, you need to install Quickbeam, include in OT-715 CD software.

    But until now the software is useless. Better you try Alcanna. Just follow the link :

    The Alcanna software is more powerfull, have a phonebook database using access, etc.

    Kalo anda kesulitan, hub: ajah… :)

  62. I am thinking about buying an OT715 but I am very concerned about the blue display.I wear thick glasses and this display may hurt my eyes if I use it for over three minutes in a row while I edit EMSs.And yet I have never seen a real OT715 so far,just got some glimpses on the Net.So anyone out there who have used it in real life,how does the blue display look?Is it as dark as that of nokia 8250?

  63. Glendale,

    I wrote the article above six months ago when I just bought the mobile. Now half and year has passed and I am still very happy with this mobile and willing to show off it with my friend. At the elevator, when I was checking email via GPRS, many people will say “What a cool mobile!” They thought it was a SmartPhone or PDA because of the large screen.

    The blue screen works fine with my eyes.

    The only frustrated thing is, it some times delay response for keystroke and sometimes hang. But it does not hurt my passion for the phone. A friend of mine just bought this phone after my suggestion and so far, he is happy.

  64. Hi every OT-715 users,

    I happened to find out this page today during my search.

    You’re a nice and helpfull guy Jiang !!

    Knowing guys out there who eager to share your knowledge and experience with this product make me feel comfortable and proud of getting this product.

    I’ve got this product 2 months ago to replace my E-360 due to too much services during 8 months of operation, but I haven’t had time to explore its features yet.

    Things that come with the purchase of the product is only the complete handset with travel charger and user’s manual. I don’t get any CD as Jiang did nor word as Dafi got from the dealer…..

    I hope you guys are willing to help when I encountered glitches.



  65. Hi all

    I have this phone sience january 03 and i love it.

    I have no problems at all. Phone is not hanging , everything works just great , even joy! (Previously i had OT511 and there joy was death after half year)

    Good work alcatel!

    Good luck all users

  66. Hi OT715 Lovers

    I want to know about the OT715 battery, How long does it last in normal usage?

    ‘Cause my battery only stay for 2 days in normal usage.

    So can you all give me a clue whether my battery broke down or not?


  67. Hi friends of OT715,

    I’ve been searching the web and now I’m here. I’m wondering about your comments and your equipment shipped with your phone. I’m from germany and I’ve got a OT715 from alcatel because I’m working for alcatel (but for another division – not for mobile). The OT715 comes within a box with manual, charger and serial connectivity cable and software suite – if you looks into the manual: this should be so. If you don’t have it, it seems to me that there was a ‘special offer’ but I think you can buy it. Try for getting informations about the phone, the usage/possibilities, accessoiries and manual the site I’m think that help’s a little bit more. The main www-page for alcatel phones is – In the lower part there is a link for developers (they say it’s free), perhaps you can get additional informations about special (e.g. locational) services that are not commonly used (by your provider?). I’m started with the (german) manual and it work’s fine. With IR-Port or cable you can sync bettween a PC or PDA. My german software suite installs some applications: a main menu (‘desktop tools’ ) and called programs like a “Content manager” to exchange wallpapers, animations, pics and several tones between pc and phone, “Creation studio” to import pics, create tones and anim., “Intellisync” for Notes or Outlook-Users, mobile phone tools (GPRS, Fax, Wap, SMS, e-mail, direct phonebook access with several file-export/import or vcard possibilities, an of course help). With a pda like a palm you can exchange adressbook(vcard) and calendar entries. I’ve been looking now, how it is possible at the palm to connect to the www for downloading a file or e-mails via gprs or normal phone connections, with the windows software suite it’s possible at a pc or laptop – it creates automatically the modem-entries. A ‘must have’ accessoiry is the provided headset with a button to take or hang up a call – the quality is good to speak in many envirements – also at the car (depending on the model and speed ;-)

  68. Hi everyone!

    I own a 715 from about 2 days now. Very glad to find a forum like this.Also have to mention that I made the decision based on what I read here!

    I bought the phone off somebody, of course w/out any accesories to it. But reading about it here I just had to have one! It’s great.

    I’d like to ask anyone who could supply me the exact software (english if possible), on CD or for download. I’d be grateful. Here in Romania is a rather rare phone, so few chances.

    Keep in touch!

  69. Dear Jian,

    I was wondering if you could put the customization toolkit up on you site once more i really missed the download while it was on your site and i hope it would be possible to still get a copy of the software… could you tell us in advance when to wait for the stuff to be online??? thanks

    Islam Ghoneim


  70. hi islam

    I saw your message in MARCH 20, and i also saw the last messsage u post is still about the software. Seems that u’v been experienced the tough 6 six month.

    I can offer the zip file for you to download and also it will be helpful to other friend. It include all the file you need. check it out.

    Im seeking the standby screen pic or animiation and some cool ringtones(dont want to have the song, i mean the cool sound), anyone can recommend some to me.

    BTW Im using a twinvirus which is cool in matrix2 pic as a standby screen. :)

  71. Hi,

    I read about your review and I think it’s very good and informative.

    If anyone would like to know where to find the Alcatel PC Suite the can download the installer on this address:

    I bought myself an Alcatel OT 535 which I think is great except for the weak vibration feature (barely noticeable).

    However, so far I can only download the start-up package of the PC Suite.

    There is a link for the whole PC Suite package including the Intellisync (they ask for your IMEI to download this).

    But, after I provide the IMEI and pick the Infrared choice for data transfer, the website asked me for Username and Password.

    CAN ANYONE HELP ME ON THIS ONE? How do I get the Username & Password???



  72. hi there, i found difficulties in installing OT715’s modem in my PC. i do have the pc suite, but the modem driver look doesn’t work with windows 2000. can anyone help?


  73. It is not easy to configure OT715 modem on Windows 2000 or XP. I ever tried it and succeeded for once but never managed to configure it well again. :-(

  74. Hi, everyone, after reading all the good stuffs….

    Just can’t stop myself to buy one, still available?????

    (located in Malaysia) Please point ……


  75. Hi, everyone, after reading all the good stuffs….

    Just can’t stop myself to buy one, still available?????

    (located in Malaysia) Please point ……


  76. I’m impressed with this forum.

    Can somebody help me to get the Palm Zire 71 and OT 535 working toghether so that I can surf the web or read e-mails from my Palm ? I’ve tried nearly everything.

    Thanks guys.

  77. hey…i’m another malaysian…

    i bought my OT715 about at the beginning of 2003…

    I had actually given up on my search for the software suite months and months ago…

    but…today…i’m glad i decided to give it another go…

    now im downloading the file from

    is this the entire software suite?

    does the creation studio come with it?

    cos…it IS a 300mb file and i thought it should be right?

    anyway…a big up to all the alcatel mobile users out there…

    love this phone…

  78. i brought myself a alcatel 535 .still i am not able to use infrared option to download from pc.any special software needed,

    pls advice

  79. Hey Everyone! Hey Jian! Cool site. Very informative.

    I’m yet another one completely fascinated by this phone! A real guy’s gadget. Only problem is it is now 2 years old and still more expensive than the newer phones with colour screens and stuff. I’m in a dilemma – should I buy this really cool and unique looking phone that I really really like or just get something more up-to-date – like the samsung c100 or any one of a number of dreary-looking phones? The 715s being sold here in Kenya (East Africa) have the whole kit – phone, charger, cable, software, etc.

    Any advice guys?


  80. BTW, if you want to connect to OT715 in Windows, you may consider using the included Mobile PhoneTools. It’s somewhat bloated IMO but it works without setting the connection and initialize strings manually.

  81. Hy Dejan From Belgrade.

    I am also living in serbia (kikinda).

    ……..postoji li negdenacin da se dodje do data kabla za ot 715

  82. hy

    I would like have to pc suite for alcatel ot715.

    help me how can i get it.

    give some link for it.


  83. hi jian,

    this is a very good website you have, very good, very useful & informative. i need your help, can you please refer me to a website which i can download the pc suite from….i need this very pc got formatted and i lost the cd…please help…. advance…mahesh.daswani

  84. dear sir

    if you have software of ot715 mobile,can you create a ftp site for us to download.i have alcatel ot715 mobile and my software have lost.there is no software to download on internet,i am crazy and can not enjoy the interest.

    thank you1

  85. I USE ALC OT 735














  86. i have a very very big problem connecting my ot715 to irda device in windows xpwhat can i do

    or how can i install ot715.inf driver can u tell me please

  87. like some other guys, i’d like to know the menu 2 password for a.715 pls….

  88. Hi, everybody!

    I have lost somewhere the Software for my Alcatel 715.

    I would like to to connect my phone with my PC but without the CD it does not work.

    Could you please help to get the needed Software!

    Thanks a lot!

  89. Nice website, thanks Jian. By this time you’re possibly using another model of the phone, right? :)

    I have this phone for 2 years, and was happy about it:

    Simple design, solid cover.

    Big screen, 2-colour display -> long battery service.

    Nice phonebook.

    Simple and useful menu.

    And the big problem: I tried to load mobile phone with 150 pictures using IrDa, and it crashes. After that phone book is gone, It didn’t send more than one sms at one time, it become slow. :( Back to factory settings (###847#) didn’t help.

    But I think, that loading old software using COM cable will solve problem.

  90. hi everybody!!!!

    my computer doesn’t have ir port and i don’t have cable to syncronize my alcatel 715 with my pc,but i do have a palm with ir.i thought that i could tranfer image and poliphonic sounds to my palm by cable and then send them to my phone through my palm’s infrared port.But i don’t have the necesary program for doing that.i have the alcatel softwear,but i don’t have a program on palm that would allow me to do this.Can anyone help me please?

    and give mme some adress for programs to download?????

  91. I think OT715 is great phone. I’ve bought it May 12th 2003 and the phone still working now without problems. I think it was a big Alcatel’s mistake that they doesn’t developed this phone design since it would be more great f.ex with color display.

  92. Hello.

    I am Wokambe from Cameroon Happy New year in advance, Pls i used alcatel mobie phone vle5 T$A. and i have miss my phone code. Pls if you can help me out i will be very happy,


  93. Hello

    I am from Mauritius and am using an OT535 for more than 2 years. its really a great phone. i really like it very much as i dont like too complicated fones. When I first bought it, i donwloaded the pc suite from their website, but now cannot find a link for ot535 to dowload that software anymore. Can anyone help me locate where to download it.

    Many thanks in advance

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