I have a very interesting card – the ICBC credit card. It can only withdraw cash from ATM machine outside P.R.China but not within the country. It is a card issued by Industry and Commercial bank of China! How strange it is.

It is also the first card I don’t need password in China to purchase or to withdraw money. I don’t need a citizen ID card either.

315.51 + 425.17 RMB/USD

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  1. I think your card is the international card of ICBC.It’s type may be Visa or MasterCard.For all the transactions by the card can only be settled by US Dolars, you can’t gain the authorizations of RMB in P.R. China. Recently I heard ICBC was promoting the card that can settle both in RMB and US Dolars. I think this type of card can do the retail transactions on POS without the password or do the Cash Advance transactions on ATM in China or other regions . :)

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