Eyes on Guangzhou

It is reported that the Outbreak of Atypical Pneumonia is under control. It is good news. However, from the individuals ofr the city, the anxiousity don’t seems be to controlled yet.

I have a lot of friends and classmates in Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. I am concerned about their situation and worried about them. So I keep a close eye on our class BBS to see how well they are doing. But I feel even anxious when reading the pieces of posts. I have to say, most of the news are not confirmed – or I have to say, “officially” confirmed yet, but it is definitely confirmed people in Guangzhou are discussing this.

Feb 13 – “Citizens in Shenzhen rush to stores to buy salt and rice for stock. A very small bag of salt soars to 10 RMB. It is unbelievalbe!”

Feb 13 – “I don’t see people around me to stock rice and salt, bu I read it in newspaper”


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