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Now I am sitting on my bed in the city of Luoyang, and attempting to show you the city where I was born and grew up. I hope this page can also reach the first page of search result of key word Luoyang. The reason I think of writing this article to introduce Luoyang is, I am very disappointed to the existing pages on Internet about this wonderful city.

Sight Seeing

I have seen a Luoyang 3-day tour. It includes Luoyang Museum, White Horse Temple, Longmen Caves, and the Shaolin Monastery. This list should be almost complete for must-sees in Luoyang.

If you ask me to be your guide, I will rank the Longmen Caves to be the most attractive spot of scene. Longmen means Dragon Gate in Chinese. There are more than 5000 caves on the maintain and you will be impressed by the trenedous work paid to create such a wonder.

You can also visit White Horse Temple, which is the first buddish temple in China. However, it is not as famous or large as Shaolin Monastery (temple). You can get there very easy by lots of bus lines.

Luoyang has a long and rich history as the captial of 13 dynasties. Therefore, the Luoyang Musuem is very interesting to visit.


The best hotel in Luoyang is Luoyang Penney Plaza (4-star). But do set your expectation lower, since I don’t think it met the standard of a 4-star hotel yet. The building was transformed from a office building. Since the building faced leasing challenges in the year of 1995 (or years around it), it is re-positioned as a 4-star hotel. That is the reason you may think it does not look like a hotel.

The second tier of good hotels are New Friendship Hotel, Friendship Hotel. They are the national guest hotel for leaders. You can have a try.

As I know, most visitors will choose the Penney Hotel. It is among the oldest and best hotels before the Penny Plaza opened. It was a 3-star hotel and was upgrated to 4-star in the year of 2000. Here is a nice introduction.

The the newly built Luoyang Grant Hotel (4-star) is also a good choice. It is new and as the introduction said, a foreign-oriented hotel. Its phone is 86-379-4327408.

Again, set your expection low if you come from big cities like Shanghai, New York and London. The hotels are merely somewhere to stay.


If you are rich, or you are just a traveller, the best way to go to Luoyang is by air. There is a small airport in Luoyang. By small, I do mean small. There are only 4 flights available in this airport, connecting Luoyang and Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen.

I do suggest you to fly to Zhenzhou airport first for both facilities and flight availabilities. You can get to Luoyang via Highway in 2 hours. See this blog for my experience to go back from SHanghai to Luoyang via Zhengzhou.

In the city, please go ahead to take taxi. The starting price is 5 RMB. The longest possible distance in the city is 10 – 15 RMB and shouldn’t be higher. So whereever you go, hire a taxi – it is cheap.


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8 thoughts on “Luoyang, Henan Tour

  1. I found someone asked “Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Distance” in Google and was directed to this page. I am afraid he/she must be disappointed. To tell you the truth, I don’t know the exact distance in km or miles. It takes bus 2 hours ride (about 1 hour in high way). For train, it needs 2.5 hours.

  2. Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province. Located in the middle of China, it always plays as the transportation hub. It is also home to the national grain wholesale market.

    Geographic Features

    It lies at between 112o42’and 114o14’east longitude and between 34o16′ and 34o58’north latitude. It has a total area of 7446.2 square kilometers, with an urban area of 1010.3 square kilometers. Situated south of the Yellow River and east of the Songshan River, Zhengzhou enjoys temperate continental climate with four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 14.4 Co. The city receives an average annual rainfall of 640.9 millimeters with 220 frost-free days.


    Zhengzhou has a population of 6.6 millions with 2.05 millions in urban area. The main inhabitants are Han nationality. The main religion here is Buddhism and Taoism. The natives speak local dialect, but the government language is still mandarin.


    As one of Chinas earliest cities, Zhengzhou was thought to have been the second capital of the Shang dynasty some 3,500 years ago. In the Spring and Autumn period, it was made as the capital by Zheng and Han States successively which lasted 500 years. Zhengzhou’s status as a transport and economic center has roots as far back as the Sui and Tang periods (late 6th to early 10th century), when canals connected Zhengzhou’s grain markets to the Yellow River. Zhengzhou importance declined along with nearby Luoyang after the Song established their capital at Kaifeng to the east. Zhengzhou emerged as a transportation hub again in the 20th century with the building of railroad lines. It played an important role in the railroad Strike of February 7th in 1923, and has become one of Asia’s most important freight transfer hubs.

  3. Hellow…

    My name is sirinit, I have 3 days for my trips and I have plan to visit ZhengZhou city.

    I plan to fly from Shanghai to Zhengzhou on Jan 29 and I will arrive at 12:30. I will visit Keifeng city and stay 1 night.

    Day 2 , I will take the bus as your comment from Zhengzhou to Luoyang and stay 1 night Shaolin Monastery.

    Day 3 , I will visit other place such as Longmen Caves, forest of dagobas, etc.

    and fly back to Shanghai on Jan 31.

    So I want to ask some quesiton ,

    1. the bus schedule form Zhengzhou to luoyang.

    2. Can we find the place to stay in Shaolin temple such as Kangfu school …

    Thank for your hlep…..


  4. Hello,

    We plan to go to Luoyang in a couple weeks and will be flying into Luoyang at 210p. Is there time that day to do either Shaolin Temple or Longmen Caves as we only have the following day to do the other and I don’t think we can do both on the same day. Once at the airport in Luoyang is it closer to Longmen or Shaolin or neither as we thought maybe we would hire a taxi and go to either spot right away. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  5. Hello,

    I am planning to go to Luoyang from shanghai sometime in March 2008. What is your advise on getting there from Shanghai? Is taking a train a good idea?

    Thank you so much.

  6. Hi This is Raju from india

    I will fly from 20.01.2008 at morning at night I was in shangai air port at 11.20 pm

    Then tell me shall i get flight at 11.20 to Zhengzhou

    the distance from shangai airport to Zhengzhou


  7. Hello. I will travel to Luoyang in July 2009. My daughter is from the orphanage there and I will take her back to see it again. We will travel to nanchang or Chengdu after Luoyang. Is there flights to both places from luoyang? or do i need to go to Zhengzhou? Will there be a service to take us to Zhengzhou if needed? Does the hotel have a bus?

    Thanks so much!


  8. Hello, I’m looking for trip in Henan. If you can help me to arrange a tour please reply.

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