Flight from Shanghai to Beijing

Here is the flight information from Shanghai to Beijing. It seems I need to travel between the two cities frequently. Just keep a record here for my future reference.

Flight 	From/To 	Leave/Arrival 	Model

MU5101 	Hongqiao	8:00	319

Beijing	10:00

FM101 	Hongqiao	8:15	767

Beijing	10:15

CA1590 	Hongqiao	8:55	772

Beijing	10:50

FM103 	Hongqiao	10:55	757

Beijing	12:55

MU5107 	Hongqiao	11:00	319

Beijing	13:00

MU5111 	Hongqiao	13:00	JET

Beijing	14:55

FM107 	Hongqiao	13:30	767

Beijing	15:20

MU5113 	Hongqiao	14:00	319

Beijing	16:00

HU7602 	Hongqiao	14:15	738

Beijing	16:05

FM105 	Hongqiao	15:20	757

Beijing	17:20

MU5119 	Hongqiao	17:00	319

Beijing	19:00

FM109 	Hongqiao	17:50	757

Beijing	19:45

MU5121 	Hongqiao	18:00	AB6

Beijing	20:00

FM111 	Hongqiao	19:35	757

Beijing	21:30

HU7604 	Hongqiao	19:50	767

Beijing	21:45

CA176 	Pudong		20:15	JET

Beijing	22:10

Updated: More Accurate Informaiton August 5, 2003

Here is the more accurate information: Flight from SHA – Shanghai to PEK – Beijing and Flight from Beijing to Shanghai

10 thoughts on “Flight from Shanghai to Beijing

  1. I am planning a trip to China. My tour ends in Shanghai and my round tickets are to Beijing. Can you give me the web site of the airlines with flights from Shanghai to Beijing. Thank you so much for all the valuable information on your site.

  2. Hi, your site is tremoundously useful. I’m taking a trip to Shanghai and would like to travel to Beijing by bus because I want to see the Chinese landscape in daylight and the trains only go overnight. Might you have any info for Shanghai-Beijing bus travel please? many thanks in advance

  3. Hello

    Is there any possibility to buy an e-ticket to fly from SHA to PEK

    Thanks for your early answer


  4. To the person who was asking for a place to buy cheap china flights, I’ve been booking my flights from http://www.bamboobookings.com for the past 3 years that I’ve been living in China and have had great reliability. Other companies end up never booking what I want and I end up wasting time and money going to the airports.

  5. hi. i would like to know if shanghai pudong airport is near to shanghai hongqiao airport because i would like to connect my intl. flight from shanghai pudong to beijing. however it seems that there are more cheap flights and more flight frequency from hongqiao to beijing.

    also i would like to know the website address of shanghai airlines, china eastern airlines, china southern airlines and other budget airlines that service from shanghai to peking.

    my travel period will be from dec. 23 to dec. 26, 2009. thanks.

  6. It is about 2 hours trip between it by bus (taking the bus waiting time into consideration. The actual ride is 1 hour). You may want to choose flight from Pudong. To transit at Hongqiao is not fun. There is a very good search engine called Google, and I believe it can help you to find the website of the airlines.

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