Hero of Zhang Yi Mou

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I finally went to movie for the famous Zhang Yi Mou’s film – Hero.

The sence is beautiful. I can clearly recognize Jiu Zai Gou – it is somewhere like Daocheng

However, the story itself is not interesting. Overall, I would like to rate 7 out of 9 for this film.

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  1. I watched this show…. Personally, I LOVE IT! The story involves in lots of creativity & imgination. If you’re creative person, u’ll appriecate the storyline. If you’re just a straight forward minded person, maybe you’ll find it boring. I rate it 9 out of 10.

  2. ‘Beauty’-the most appropriate word to describe Hero:the scene, the costume, every movements of body, the colour element in movie,the art of caligraphy, romance,the sound effeect, the splash and the sound of water…SAVOUR it, then, you will learn the meaning of ‘BEAUTY’.

  3. hero was absolutely gorgeous. words cannot describe it. everything abt it was so profoundly beautiful.

  4. The best movie I’ve ever seen.

    Visually stunning and beautiful.

    An absolute pleasure to watch as the layers of the story unfolds.

  5. Compared with “Hero? “The Pianist?is a classic movie. “Hero?only tells us a fake story which totally twista the history. It has nothing to do with our real life. Anything that is isolated from real life is just empty. After watch ?The Pianist”…You will be deeply impressed by the desperation and cruelty of the war…I like the actor very much.

  6. i give it 9.9/10

    and i only give this to the film coz i strongly believe that nothing can be rated 10/10 ever. just a matter of principle.

    I don’t think it is fair or correct to mention any other film in a page titled “Hero of Zhang Yi Mou”. And if all u r interested in is to talk about(or promote) other movies, then search for their pages.

    fiction is not fake!!!!!

    one cannot accuse a movie that is OBVIOUSLY fictional of “twisting history”, rather one should be weary of movies that claim to be historical.

    “Hero” is a great film and it is excellent that there is someone who wishes to revive the true virtues of Honor and heroic behaviour – things which are “isolated” from our boring evil real life or should i say has no place in the “New Century”.

  7. I am happy the reviews are good maybe I can get a DVD at the market as it does not get released till October in the USA.

  8. wow it’s really dat good. i’m looking forward 2 see it. 2 people who live in U.S. it’s coming out on november 2003. i’ll see if i like it, because da onlay actors/actresses i knoe dat play n it iz donnie yen, jet li and a bit of zhang ziyi.peace.

  9. I just saw Hero last night, after months of procrastination due to bad reviews from critics, friends etc. All I can say is that, these fucking losers who rubbished the show have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what the film was about! THEY DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL! hahahahaha…I am now taking a poll among my friends to see who hated/liked Hero; those who hate it, well, they’re not my friends anymore cos they FUCKING DON’T GET IT!!!!!

    A rousing appluase for the great master of cinema ZHANG YI MOU – he can fucking show HOLLYWOOD what movie-making is really about- anytime!

    Those of you in the States who haven’t seen it, please do. But concentrate throughout the movie- stop talking, eating or taking pee breaks or you may miss certain crucial scenes which may prevent you fron fully understanding the movie, and render you a LOSER if you rubbish it thereafter!

  10. I have always considered Zhang Yi Mou one of the greatest directors ever for his works “Raise the Red Lantern” and “Red Sorghum” (=Hong Gaolian).

    In China, he is The Man now (will do the official Peking Olympics docu, etc.).

    On “The Hero”:

    Rarely have I watched a film while squirming so much in my seat. The first 5 minutes took my breath away: What vistas! What colours! Yet after 10 minutes, I wanted to walk out. The rest of eternity I was slumped in my seat, visually insulted, bored to tears. (My lady wanted to stay; I hung on, telling myself that if Amundsen made it on foot to the South Pole, I might make it through this film.)

    So what went wrong? I can ignore Zhang Yi Mou’s choice of the wrong actors for the roles of super sword masters, and I can ignore their bad acting. With less success, I tried to ignore the camera’s insistence for full close-ups of those strenuously brooding faces. But I was utterly helpless against the onslaught of beautiful pictures which quickly turned into a niagara of perfectly planned, perfectly executed, perfectly empty prettiness.

    And this was a film by Zhang Yi Mou who once opened up the whole world to me by telling me a little story. This time, though, he destroyed a little story by trying to show me the whole world.

  11. Does anyone know when this film will come out in UK? I am dying to see it as a big fan of Zhang Yi Mou. I have not seen one of his films that has not made me cry!

  12. Does anyone know when this film will come out in UK? I am dying to see it as a big fan of Zhang Yi Mou. I have not seen one of his films that has not made me cry!

  13. well after seeing ‘The Road Home’ i have fallen in love with zhang yi mou’s work. His beautifuly sad, simple story left me in tears, with a profound warm, yet saddning feeling in my heart. If a director can do that to me than Hero is a must!


    oh and zhang ziyi rules.

  14. i haven’t seen ‘Hero’ yet, but from what i have seen from the previews it looks like an awesome movie! when will it come out in the U.S.!!?? if it has come out e-mail me at Drummerboy444444@aol.com and tell me when it came out. i want to see it so0o0o0 bad because Zhang Ziyi is the best! I love you Zhang! You are so beautiful and a GREAT GREAT actress!!! Please tell me when it will come out!!! i wanna see Zhang!

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