Small World Again

I love to talk with people, so I joined the meeting organized by Katrina. It is in the Softel Hotel at 7:00 PM. I am not sure about the content of the meeting before I went there.

When I steped in to the guest room, surprisingly, I met Katrina, the organizer of the meeting and some other participants. They came here either from email, from ICQ or from That’s Shanghai advertisement. The goal is for some kind of business opportunties. Among 4 for them, I know three – two are the helper for the summit and one are my university classmate. We shorted out – what a small world.

The meeting itself is not interesting. It turned out to be multi-level marketing presentation. I have no interest in that, since it is illegal for multi-level marketing in China. It may succeed in other regions, but not here.

But the conversation with my old classmate and the two girls are very interesting.

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