Short Self-Introduction

I am asked to introduce myself in short words. It is easy. I have personal website and some kind of bio, but it is either too long to read or out of date. I’d like to spend some time to update my self-introduction.

I am working in Microsoft Global Technical Engineering Center. Now, I am working on the following projects:

1. I work on the Asia Community. I will drive the community efforts across Asia region. The main regions include China, India, Korea and Taiwan

2. I also manage the Microsoft Development Management Advanced Training business in the year 2003.

3. I was also a member in PMT.

5 thoughts on “Short Self-Introduction

  1. Taiwan ,part of China,isn`t a place which you can call as a country!!!!

    You shoudn`t forget that!!!!

  2. Taiwan – is not a part of china (PRC) but is a country (ROC) that current day’s evil power (the chinese communist) tries hard to “reclaim”

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