Isaac’s Blog Speech

Hao told me that Isaac will deliver a Blog speech on Nov 15, 2002 in Shanghai. It is interesting and I have planned to meet him there.

Isaac is very active in online education and any new tech. He owns and The later has become very popular in bloggers in China. I heard of him via my friend Yizhong at 4 years ago as the CEO of Tangram Co. Later, I found his articles on media and it seems a lot of my friends know him. :-) I am going to meet him for the first time after knowing his name for 4 years.

Regarding the topic, I am not completely sure what he will be talking about. I am writing my own blog, but I don’t think blog is something that innovative. I doubt it will bring revolution to the web, as some media said.

Actually, it really depends. Just as Email is not revolutionary in itself, but the adoption created a new era of application. Browser itself is simple, but it is another killer application. Blog itself is a simple idea, but the speed it dumps the thoughts will eventurally form a new era of information. Who knows.

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