My Most Serious Jet Lag Ever

I am sufering from the most serious jet lag I have ever experienced. I didn’t sleep well on the plane. As you you can, I was so concentrated to take the pictures of the ocean and the island.

I am feeling very tired and sleepy every afternoon. Now after staying here for two days,, the most tired time range moves from afternoon to morning – this indicates my body clock is trying to fit the new schedule and the jet lags becomes better.

The other symptom is anorexia. I am not in the mood to eat any food around the clock. When it combines with the Amerian-style food, it becomes worse – the food here is meat fried with meat.

It is a good sign that I felt hungry tonight. It was raining outside with lightning. I called PizzaHut to deliver the Pizza for us. I did struggle a lot to locate the nearest PizzaHut store. Finally, I had my dinner at around 10:00 PM local time.

I also spent about 10 minutes to create a page on Places to Visit on Microsoft Campus. Take a look at the tour I had on campus.

2 thoughts on “My Most Serious Jet Lag Ever

  1. Yep. It is very nicely built. There are lot of interesting stuff there. The American seems to be more good at art than us since everything is decent and obviously so well design. I like the light too.

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