Skiing in Shanghai

Skiing in Shanghai? Are you joking? But it is true. I am very excited to share my experience with one Indoor Skiing Site that just opened in Shanghai.

I am learning to ski. This is the first photo in my life in Skiing Shoes.

The overview of the skiing site.

This is how the snow was made. Three large pipe is blowing snow pieces to cover the surface of the ground.

The counter to get skiing shoes.

Tel: 8008207910 / +86-21-62727910 / +86-21-62727912

Address: #1835, Qi Xin Road., Minhang District

Update January 12, 2004

Current price (as of January 12, 2004): 125 RMB for unlimited skiing time. It is closed at 1:00 AM. Sounds good.

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  1. :-) Actually, I am not a sports fan. I just realized how important it is to try new things and explore the world. The Daocheng trip changed me a lot. Before the trip, we cannot imagine there is a wonderful world outside the city and there are so many different ways to live.

  2. How much does this skiing cost? In UK it is less than 100RMB per hour. Somehow I get the impression that the fun will be taken out of it by yet another Shanghai ripoff that thinks (wrongly) that Shanghai people will be able to afford it. Let me guess…300RMB per hour?

  3. It costs 120 RMB for 1.5 hour, and this includes the time for take on the clothes and equipments.

    This is the only indoor ski field in Shanghai. Actually, people in Shanghai seldom see real snow, which makes this field more unique than that in North China or Japan.

  4. I just got back from Shanghai and the indoor skiing was one of the highlights! Thanks for posting pictures of this fun, reasonably priced place!

  5. What a cool indoor ski resort !!!!

    Are there any official website about the site ?

    I wish if Hong Kong have one.

  6. can anyone provide the address and the tel/fax and contact person? As I really want to try and wish to talk to somebody to have more understanding

  7. it has been a year i didn’t came back to shanghai, and i was really surprised to read your website, ski in shanghai is great, pls tell me more,me and my friends from europe will come by before december this year

  8. Hi,

    Do they rent snowboards there or is only skiing? Thanks. Can you also give me the telephone number of this place? AWESOME!


  9. Sorry. I don’t know because Shanghai is by no means the good place to buy snow boards and accessories. Shanghai seldom snows. You may have a try at the Indoor Skiiing Field I mentioned.

  10. I am from the Rocky Mountains in Canada… of course, nothing is as good as the pristine powder we have here, but travelling in Shaghai won’t be so lonely now that I can snowboard there too!!

  11. I don’t drive. How do I get from Pudong to the indoor ski site? Can I get there by the Metro? Heard that there is a free bus service – is this true?

  12. Hi Eric and others

    The “lift system” is not good, it consists of one flat escalator to the first slope and a wire w. very small seats, very slow, to 2’nd slope. To 3’rd slope you have to walk up.

    The snow is heavy and uneven, especially in the summertime.

    The downhill speed is not worth to mention for an experienced rider.

    But for the unexperienced, it is a fun way of spending an afternoon or evening !

    All clothes and equipment will be provided, even large sizes.

    But the clothes are not cleaned regularly, to say it straight, so I will advise you to bring your own.

    I bought two complete sets in the “Decathlon” sportshop for myself and my qingaide.

    Skis and boards is not worth to bring for the short rides – anyway you get a set that will be chosen and set by the staff, but get some knowledge and check it for yourself. The staff are not very experienced in this, and it can get dangerous if the locks are not set properly.

    Avoid weekends and evenings on weekdays, can get rather crowded and thus the risk of collision is far higher (mostly beginners on the slopes).

    There is a shuttle bus from Xinzhuang subway station.

    See the chinese homepage

    for the phone number to call regarding actual prices, hopefully someone speaks english.

    Have a nice time there, happy newyear !

  13. Hi Friends,

    I’m Jerry from New Jersey area and I’m a hardcore skier and also love snowboarding. I love this page and it offers a great information as I’m going back for the Spring Festival next month and I have never tried in-door skiing before, I’m so curious, can anyone gives us more information please reagarding the slopes? do they divide them into green, blue or diamond zones? how many trails and lifts are open usually? I don’t get it about the price, do you mean they charge hourly? or 1/2 day or daily? do they really rental ski jackets and pants? I’m coming home with my girlfriend, I will bring all my stuffs but she doesn’t have jacket and pants, do they really rental clothes? this is so amazing! thanks again to share this great info, I can’t wait to ski there…


  14. Please see my website at where we teach skiing and snowboarding indoors as well as produce ski and snowboard simulators. Also see the Hot stuff links page for AstroRide where you can build your own urban snow park using artificial snow simulated material. Endless Slopes and AstroRide urban snow parks are the best ways to ski and snowboard when you don’t have a snow covered slope. They are the perfect way to learn, train and condition for the sport of skiing and snowboarding.

  15. Jerry,

    You may be expecting too much from this facility. You have to try it out but go for the experience, not for the skiing. I went a few years back and had a great time. For an experienced skier like yourself you may find it disappointing. There is only one “run”. The complex consists of on giant incline that has a lift running up the left side. I’d say the steepest (top) section is around 12-14 degrees. Nothing to challenging but I still managed to have a great time. Be sure to check this out if you are visiting Shanghai.


  16. For going out to meet the chinese higher middle class (boys and girls…) this is a good opportunity !

    However, if you have your own clothes, bring them !

    The standard clothing provided is wet, dirty and smelling. (Because of that, we bought our own clothes in Decathlon…)

    The ski’s are ok though, but beware of the “boot release force” settings (twists off the ski instead of breaking your leg) , the staff are not very skilled in this matter…

  17. Thanks for this info! I’m visiting next month and can’t wait to have a go.

    Does anyone know if lessons are available or if you have to be experienced to be allowed to ski there? I have a friend who hasn’t skied before.

    Regarding ski/snowboard simulators have a look at

    They are fantastic!

    Also, with the clothes, I think you could get away with a pair of cheap cycling waterproof trousers over your jeans or tracksuit bottoms or whatever. It’s not like you’re going up a real mountain is it. Why spend $$$ ?

    Cheers Tony

  18. I am looking for some place in China were want certified ski teachers.


    I am certified ski instructor (teacher) from Czech Republic with state certificate and ski experiencies in Czech and Slovak Republic, Austria, Italy etc.

    I speak a little Chinese language and I am ready to learn it more for speak better with students.

    I want to offer you teaching of alpine skiing (also carving skiing) and I know also many colleagues if you need more teachers.

    If you need ski teachers please contact me.

    Ladislav Janku

  19. eii.. i just wanted to know if the ski resort in shanghai has a medical facility in case of any accidents…. thnkx

  20. hey i was wondering how to say the adress to the taxi driver in chinese and if he understands

    i was wondering if anyone ccould give me the adress in chinese

  21. Hey Guys, I am a Swiss ski instructor, so I suppose that this was not new for me or challenging, but I do admit that I had a lot of fun, and I miss the ski season so this was very nice for me. If you need ski lessons in Shanghai, I guess that you can contact me and I can teach you some basics hahaha

  22. Can anyone tell me if theres a good place to buy Good quality Ski clothing from in China or HK

    thats not over priced and is good for Apline conditions

  23. Can anyone tell me if theres a good place to buy Good quality Ski clothing from in China or HK

    thats not over priced and is good for Apline conditions

  24. not sure if they have ski equipment. I am sure Shanghai is not a good place to buy ski equipment, since there is no snow in Shanghai, and ski is not a popular sports here.

  25. cotton, the best place to get the ski clothing are the shops around Ocean Terminal at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, they have authentic brand names clothing and complete with toque and mitten, but no equipments.

  26. Hello there !

    I am photo editor for enRoute magazine, we are Air Canada’s in-flight magazine with over a million traveling readers every month !

    We plan to make mention of the Indoor Skiing in our May issue and on our website.

    I would like to know if it’s possible for you to send us a high-resolution pictures of the hill.

    Thank you in advance for getting back to me as soon as possible!

    Best Regards,


    Myrabelle Charlebois

    Photo Editor enRoute magazine

    Spafax Canada

    4200, Boul. St-Laurent # 707

    Montréal (Québec) H2W 2R2

    514.844.6405 # 209

    Fax: 514.844.6001

  27. hey i was wodering again if theere was any snowboard shops in shnghai. Saying this i met a man from the snowboard club and he mentioned there was one somewhere but i did not get the information

  28. Hey,

    yes, there is at least 1.

    Check out the shop located in Julu lu, crossing Maoming lu. It is around 50 m from the crossing itself. Great stuff, only original.

    Small but nice :)

    Good luck

  29. Hey,

    I want to go and check out the ski slope,

    can anyone tell me how I can recognize the shuttle bus from xinzhuang station to that place???

    and I guess there will be a shuttle bus back to the subway station??

  30. Hey there,

    The indoor stadium will be closed for renovation until mid January 2009. If it reopens you there are shuttle buses every 20 min or so from Xinzhuang metro station.

    Too bad of course, but IconX organizes snowboard weekend getaways to Beijing (skiers also welcome of course!)


    We’re a snow, surf, skate retailer with 4 shops in Shanghai and organize these trips to get people in the snowboard mood! Check out our Gubei shop (near Carrefour) for the whole 2009 Burton collection as well as Santa Cruz and Smith snowboard gear.


    We’ll arrange transportation, accommodation and lift tickets to fit your needs. Plus, we’ll let you use one of our kick ass Burton Snowboard set-ups to get you well on your way. See flyer attached for more info.

    Round trips depart weekly from Shanghai and if you live in Beijing, you can also hop on board over there of course!


    First timer or just a bit rusty? Our Icon X Snowboard School has multi-lingual, on-site coaches that use the Burton Learn To Ride Curriculum.


    Throughout the whole winter season we’ve got weekly trips from Shanghai to one of the following resorts starting at as little as 3200 RMB:

    o NANSHAN – Features Mellow Park — China’s best snowboard park features both pro and beginner kickerlines, rail area and half pipe.

    o JUNDUSHAN – Best Entry Level Resort

    o DOLOMITI & WANLONG – Freeride on over a dozen natural snow runs!


    Contact me for up-to-date prices and all other details at or 13564701501.

    For more info about resorts, scheduled getaways and other events check out our website at or stop by one of our 4 stores.


  31. Hey, me again,

    Just learned that stadium is still open but not in full operation since PART OF IT is under construction till Mid January (forecasted). So I guess you could still check it out, let me know what it’s like these days!

    Sorry for the incorrect info earlier!


  32. Hey, does anyone know if the skiing area still exists and if it’s opened right now? Thanks a lot in advance!

  33. hello

    anyone know if the Shanghai Yinqixing Indoor Skiing site it is opened right now? Thanks.

  34. Hi , my friend . I live in Guangzhou 5 years , but in GZ not have like Shanghai Yinqixing Indoor Skiing site . this Shanghai Yinqixing Indoor Skiing site is working now ? Have their website ?

  35. Does anyone know if the shanghai ski slope will be opening again or is it closed for good? If not when will it open, I’m missing the ski season and want to get on my skis!!

  36. Same problem. I can’t find it on the internet anywhere. has anyone found out yet when it will be opening again??

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