Learning Swimming

I went to swimming today and learnt some basic breaststroke skills.

Swimming is another exciting sport in life. I feel guilty that I cannot swim for 25 years. Recently, I went to Sports Hotel – the hotel near the conjuction of Nandan Road and Cao Xi Road North to learn swim every Saturday and it is especially interesting for me as a beginner.

Before today, I cannot breath when I swim. I can manage to swim to about 15 meters with one single breath, but cannot reach further. The breakthrough I got today is, I begin to be able to breath. According to Red Cross’ seven level of swimming, I am almost in level 3 now.

I found this article on breaststorke very useful for me. It may be useful for other who can or cannot swim.

I remember the old poem on progress again:

Computer files are always incompatible

If it worked yesterday, it won’t work today

— That’s progress.

Today I will say: “I cannot swim yersterday, I can today – that’s progress

A nice day, isn’t it?

32 thoughts on “Learning Swimming

  1. I can swim but need to improve my swimming skills because i want to swim profcianally.Also i’m in need of some specialized bodybuilding programs which give me a better phsical status for swimming.


  2. I can swim but need to improve my swimming skills because i want to swim profcianally.Also i’m in need of some specialized bodybuilding programs which give me a better phsical status for swimming.


  3. i can’t swim even though im already 17. i want to ask how to float on deep water and what is the basic in swimming that i can use to begin my lesson in swimming.somebody please help and and answers my question.

  4. i can’t swim very weel in long distances more than 10 m, even though im already 25. Do I have problems with breathing ora what?.somebody please help and and answers my question. Thanks

  5. KC, Mentor,

    Swimming is a skill that can be learned. If you have access to a swimming pool, you can hold on to the edge of the pool and start learning to move your legs. Then you can switch to practice your hands and arms with your legs hold on to the edge of the pool. Then the next step will be learning and practicing the coordination of the arms and legs, with breathing.

    Personally, I find that the breaststroke is easier to learn than the free style. When you are learning to coordinate your arms and legs, it will be helpful if you have a friend who can hold up your tummy while you practice the coordination.

    If you can get a float, it will help you in the beginning when you start learning how to swim.

    As for Mentor, to swim more than 10 m or longer distance require strength and stamina, which is slowly build up during your training.

    Swimming is an excellent exercise. If you know any of your friend who can swim, they will be the best source of training you can get. The following web site shows the animated version of learning to swim. It gives you a brief idea how to do the basic swimming step by step.



    Hope you find the two sites useful.

  6. i wish to send me the way of swimming and to learn me how to swim

    thanks alot

    your sincerly ahmad

  7. i started swimming about 10years ago and it has been fun. I dont get to swimm always but anytime i get to swim i make good use of it. I also play basketball and swimming assists my respiratory system and enhances my endurance on court. I would recomend it to any one that wants to regulate their body weight and body condition.



  8. i m 23 year old , i had just started swimming , but learn so little

    ,, as there is no coach . any body can help me . as i m fresher.


  9. i m already 15 and i still can’t swim, i m using inflatable adult sized armbands(floaties),i love to wear them i gain my confidence again,also i’m very safe with my armbands on at deep end.Anyone other use arm bands here? I reccomend to other non swimmers,my e-mail is azukar39@yahoo.ca contact me please?

  10. i wish to send me, how to jump in to water, how do dive (step by step) & all the strokes (step by step). all information with pictures (better to send drawings).

    thank you


    ahmed nasheed

  11. please tell me how to swim because i want to go to a fieldtrip and over there i will have to swim.please tell me how to swim.i .byebye.want your newsletter now

  12. pity me.i cannot swim even though i am 14.i am seeking tips or information on how could i start swim..The basic skills,how to overcome waterphobia,breath tecnique and et cetera.i hope somebody will be willing to assist me…thank you very much..Please provide some web sites that related swimming..

  13. Good day for you Sir,

    Sir I cannot swim when any girl see me

    what should i do know

    and i want to swim with girl

  14. hi>i want to improve my swimming.i am not a beginer.i also have a record of swimming in my college.i want to continue this as a profession.i will b very gratrfulll to u if u help me

  15. Hi I am here to tell everuone that swim is very easy,all u need is being confident, and I would like to help those who can’t swim. I am available to teach at weekend,if you are interested just email to me. thank you!

  16. Hi All:

    I am a begineer in swimming and have problems with going in deep water as I cannot breathe while I swim.

    I am only familiar with front stroke (freestyle).

    can somebody point to the right article for learning to breathe while swimming(freestyle)?



  17. A good trick to learn to swim.

    Use scuba glasses and a snorkel in the beginning!

    With this equipment you can breath even when your head is under water. The glasses allow you to see better and improve your orientation. The snorkel helps you to breath when your head is under water.

    The reason to use them is first to improve your movements in the water, without having to worry about breathing. That is very important They will also improve your confidence, allowing you to swim without fear where the water is deep. You will sure enjoy it.

    Once you have improved your swimming skills…. and confidence…., you can practice without the snorkel. Keep still using the swimming glasses for a while, they help you still.

    In the end, when you have enough practice, you will find that it is easier now to swim without the help of glasses nor snorkel.

    I recommend this trick. I used it personally as a kid when learning to swim. Results guaranteed.

    After a lot of swimming classes this was the only method that worked for me. :-)

  18. I am terrified and am going to go to Mexico and to try and go snorkeling with my gentleman friend…. what is the best advice anyone can give me…. I am excited and I want to try, but this fear just takes over…..


  19. its a question

    i am learning swimming , i can move my hands and feet in water but can’t float..

    please help i want to learn to swim………..

  20. I can’t swim and I’m 14. They tried to teachme at school but they were rubbish. Ithoughr I would try to learn to swim by myself . So I baught some adult armbands but am embarresed to wear them in public even though I really enjoy wearing. Also I don’t know how to teach myself as

    I am embarresed t ask one of my friend as they will take the Mick!

  21. It is easy to learn swimming with a continuous effort and determination, don’t give up.

  22. hey.. anyone of you guys who need some one to teach swimming u can contact me i can teach u for a good price dont be shy.. i can teach u not to be afraid of the water.. i can teach u to float i can teach u to do alot of stuff… just contact me at 8297-5945.. u can call me for a trial.. if u like it u can continue if not then its ok..

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