Altitude Sickness Prevention Guide

OA Guide to High Altitude: Acclimatization and Illnesses

This is a very good guide – even a must read – before you decide to go to Tibet or other high altitude area. Please read carefully about all the symptoms of altitude sickness and prevention methods.

Updated Nov 18, 2002

I have friends in the same group with me passed away during the night. This greatly shocked me and helped me to realize how important it is to know some Altitude Sickness Prevention knowledge before going to high-altitude areas. People won’t realize the danger unless they are well educated. I am reading some sad story of people died in the plateau. Their car broke and they just slept in the car – none of them ever wake up – to sleep in high altitude area is very dangerous – as stated in the article I recommend: “Climb high and sleep low”.

Please send the link of the article to your friends who want to go to high-altitude areas. This may save lives.

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