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This is the mail I replied to my friend seeking for internship position in Microsoft in China

Hi xxx,

Thank you for visiting my web site and your interest in Microsoft internship program. I have forward your resume to our HR manager. First thing you need to know about Microsoft in China is that Microsoft has four independent organizations in China, namely, Microsoft (China) Ltd., Microsoft Global Engineering Center, Microsoft R&D Center in China, Microsoft Asia Research Center.

Microsoft (China) Ltd. is a subsidiary focusing is on sales and marketing. Just like Microsoft (Singapore) or Microsoft (Malaysia), there are positions like sales, marketing, channel manager, product manager. Typically, they do NOT offer summary internship position. Visit It is located in Beijing and has branches in Guangzhou and Shanghai.

Microsoft R&D Center is located in Beijing focusing on localization, localized test for Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional) version of Microsoft product. It also owns Chinese specific product like PinYin IME, Chinese word breaker? There are some summary intern positions there.

Microsoft Asia Research Center is the famous research organization, formerly held by Kai Fu Lee. It is a pure research organization and has lots of summary internship opportunities. A lot of students from Tsing Hua and Peking Univ. got internship position there. It is also located in Beijing.

Microsoft Global Engineering Center (a.k.a. GTEC), the organization I am in, is mainly the support center serving Microsoft customers around the world. We support customers in Asia region, helping other Microsoft subs in other countries in Asia. We act as escalation center focusing enterprise customers. We also support customers in U.S., with a very long product line. Recently, we began to support Europe and Australia. Besides the support business, there are more and more other opportunities so many projects are going on within the organization. It is a very successful organization led by Dr. Jun Tang. There are internship program in GTEC. GTEC is located in Xu Jia Hui of Shanghai.

Knowing this, you may want to choose an organization you are interested in and send resume to the right place.


Jian Shuo Wang

Project Manager

Microsoft Global Engineering Center

P.S. This entry was previously published on Thursday, January 10, 2002

17 thoughts on “Microsoft in China

  1. Hello Jian Shuo, I’m a new reader of your weblog, I find that its contents is really useful for an outsider about daily life as an IT worker in Shanghai, which

    someday I hope I would be one too :)

    Just out of curiosity, is there such thing as a Microsoft bashing in Shanghai/

    China? I’m currently studying IT in Sydney, Australia, and there’s quite

    a number of hyper-fanatic Linux users here, who just can’t stand the word

    “Windows” and “Microsoft” :) I was one of them too, back in the Windows 95/98 era, because of their instability, so I was looking for a more stable operating system, and at that time Linux was in the hype, but now with Windows 2000 and Windows XP I’m a pretty satisfied Microsoft user, although I still use Linux from time to time for experimenting. I even contemplate to someday work at Microsoft

    (read: big fat paycheck) :)

  2. Hi,

    Great website. I’ve gleaned a lot about the job market and microsoft’s presence in Shanghai from these pages. I am a software programmer myself, And looking to move to Shanghai after finding that I miss the life in the big city. I was hoping you would be able to forward my resume to the microsoft hr department? It is at

    Much Thanks

    Ning Hu

  3. Hello,

    How are you? I came across your site here as I’m very interested in starting a career wit Microsoft and shanghai would be awesome…

    I don’t have a technical background, but do have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and management.

    Do you know how I can enroll in this internship program? or what other opportunities are available or how I can purue these opportunities…

    Thank you!!!!!

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  5. Hi,

    I follow the exact procedure to enable language in Chinese ( PRC) on regional set up, however I still can not read the Chinese in QQ: example , the icon and all characters as ?????? and not the Chinese characters!

    What should I do ? Please kidly hep.


    我按照您的说明,在 contol panel -regional setting,加上CHINESE (PRC), 但是还是不能阅读QQ信息上的中文.而且所有文字,如果不是??????,要么就是:





    [¹«¸و]ز،ز،ہضIV 11شآ³¬¼¶حو¼زأâ·رحو!



    CARL 敬上

  6. How are you? I came across your site here as I’m very interested in starting a career wit Microsoft and shanghai would be awesome…

  7. 请问我该怎么才能阅读QQ登陆前和登陆后的中文?


  8. How are you? I came across your site here as I’m very interested in starting a career wit Microsoft and shanghai would be awesome…

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