Attended Media Conference in Microsoft

The 30 medias cover almost all famous national wide or Shanghai local newspapers and television, such as CCTV, Guang Ming Daily, China Youth Daily, Beijing Youth Daily, CEO&CIO, Xin Hua News Agency, China News Service,

People’s Daily, Economic Daily, China Daily, Computer World, China Infoworld, China Business, Global Entrepreneurs, Jie Fang Daily, Wen Hui Daily, Xin Min Weekly, Xin Min Evening News, Shanghai Morning Post, Orient TV, Shanghai TV, and Shanghai Online.

I presented “Growing with GTEC?on my experience in Microsoft and Microsoft culture such as passion for technology, customer focused and broad opportunities.

Afterward, I was interviewed by Miss Huang Qinlei from Shanghai Broadcasting Network. The topic is about my experience in Microsoft, the training mechanism in Microsoft and employee life.

The report on China Youth Daily

For complete report, please visit web site of China Youth Daily.

Hereby, I would like to correct the fact in the report.I didn’t visited tens of countries as stated in the report. The number 2000 is not the number of customers. It is the number of cases.

The report on Economy Observer

For complete report, please visit web site of Sina.

Hereby, I would like to correct the fact in the report.It seems the reporter mixed the fact that I appeared only in the media conference held in Shanghai and the Beijing event. The fact is, I didn’t go to Beijing with Jun at that time.

Report on China Central Television Channel 4

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