Notes of Hiring is Obsolete

Here goes my notes on Hiring is Obsolete.

Wisdom comes from facts. Everything is getting cheaper. (Computer of the same power? Automated services?) Cost of startup should only be people.

(Nerds have better things to do) => (Nerds are unpopular)


if( (Undergraduates are Undervalued) == true)



if((Smart people speaks stupid things) == true)



value = people_to_user();

compensation = company_estimate();

compensation = average(values);


assert(difficulty(valuing work) > 80%);


class bigcompany :

def __init__():

protect_mode = on;


def product_development() :





We really want to spend the money outside the company on marketing (throw the dollars to a anonymous guy you know will do bad seems wiser to give it to the best people in the company. Why?

Founders run engineering directly, and the rest …

The cage is open. There is no limitation. Blogging is possible in 1995, but people don’t write too much until 2001. It just took 6 years for people to realize the cage is open.

The older you are, the most risk you can take.


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