Typhoon is Over

This year’s Typoon is over in Shanghai. Actually some nice changes happens this time.

Typhoon hits Shanghai almost every year. Although not seriously, it does impact the lives.

This year, the biggest difference is not the typhoon itself. Yes. It is stronger this year, but the biggest difference is the government.

The Beijing’s heavy rain claimed lives of nearly 100, and Shanghai government acted very proactively. They started to use the post-SARS type of effort to inform residents about what is coming. They also shutdown parks and some public events. At least, this time, due to the recent pressure of the press, and Internet, they are doing reasonably well.

For sure there are many concerns about what they did – they claimed that being late should not be regarded as being late for businesses, and many other measures. I think they may over used their power, and no one granted that type of power to government. (Well, if we have a congress or local city council, I may vote to grant that power, but so far, there is no documents saying so). Having said that, I still applaud for what the Shanghai did, because it is the first step to “doing something” instead of wait passively about what is happening. By “doing something”, it may cross the line, but a very good starting point.

Yesterday was obviously the heaviest rain in recent years, but it was not that bad based on my personal experience. STRONG DISCLAIMER: I didn’t see flooding does not mean there is no flood, but equally important is, I cannot claim flood if I don’t see it personally. That is just the difference of perspective, and we need to put the information together. I am bringing my piece here.

There are several leaks in my house, and I have to swipe the floor from time to time. But compared to what happened in Zhejiang, it is just nothing.


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