Why? Visa from Guangzhou

I renewed my visa to the USA. When I got my visa, it prints:

Issuing Post Name: Guangzhou

That comes with a small incident during the submission. When I filled my DS-160 form, I naturally put Shanghai as the application city, but the form was rejected after we sent the passport along with the application. I was instructed to change the port from Shanghai to Guangzhou. No reason was given.

Well. Fine. As along as I can get my visa done, I don’t really care about it, although I feel that US Embassy may owe me an explanation of why. In a sense of justice, actually they don’t owe me anything, but as a customer, or “whomever concerned”, I am curious enough to feel certain that they owe it.

A Company’s Service

I am trying to understand the rules and service Baixing provides to our customers. There are so many things like this strange port stuff here. There are many rules that the end users don’t understand at all, but we don’t offer an explanation. Users may be very frustrated because of that. Yes. They have what they want done, but they are not satisfied, maybe just because curiosity, not to mention many who cannot have their things done.

We should not only do our business, but to face the “why”s in people’s mind and help to answer it. We owe it.

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