Why a Week in Travel Feels Good

The question is, why I feel happier during one week of travel. I dig into it and get the following thoughts.
  1. One week, one goal. If the board meeting is OK, the week is OK. Others are just nice to have. What a wonderful week!
  2. One week, everything taken care of. No electricity bills, no broken washing machines, or air/con, or what so ever.
  3. Lonely time. If you choose, you are in a city alone, with no one even know what you are doing. Even at a hotel room – the sense of loneliness is just beautiful.
  4. Planning. When you have nothing to do, all you do is to plan and make appointment.
  5. Haiku. There are limited items with you when you travel. No distraction. You even don’t have a glass of your own.


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