Hottest Weibo Ever

I wrote a Weibo two hours ago. It reads:

@王建硕看到今天事态发展,相当痛心。大家越界了,严重的越界了,开了个不好的头,不象厦门等地的理智。用暴力获取自己要的东西,会使用暴力上瘾。别人的错误不是自己的错误的理由。目的正确永远不能证明过程的正确。如果用现有的思维继续前行更远,中国可能进入下一个可怕的暴力为王的轮回。转发(3015)|评论(1030)今天 15:02

Literally translation:

@Wang Jian Shuo: Seeing the development of the situation today, felt the pain. We crossed the line, seriously crossed the line, and started a bad beginning, not as restrained as Xiamen. If you use violence to get what you want, you will get addicted to violence. Other party’s wrong deed is not the reason of your own wrong deed. Right goal always cannot prove the rightness of process. If we continue to follow the current thinking too far, China may enter into the next terrible violence-ruled circle.

This was my brief comment about what I saw in Qidong (I may talk about it when I get more confirmed details. To be short, it is a large scale protest against city government’s decision to introduce pollution to the city. There are some violence happened during the protest, like throwing over police cars).

The Weibo was soon retweeted by some of the most popular person, including

@薛蛮子: 理性渐进的改革,良性、和平而非暴力。言路一天天开放,改善是渐进的 //@潘石屹:任何形式的暴力都是社会的倒退和文明的破坏。 //@王冉:理性的坚定才有持久的力量,矛盾越尖锐良性互动越重要。 //@李开复: //@蔡文胜: 理性的声音。

There are 3400 retweet, and 1400 forward so far. Among them, many of them hurled abuse, which I am not unfamiliar with, but I was very impressed that more than half were actually supporting what I said. I didn’t expect that. Thanks. I do mean thanks to people who are supporting the rationality of our actions.

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