Chinese Provinces I Visited

Xiaoliang wrote that majority of people in Israel visited 12 countries before age of 35. Let me count how many Chinese provinces I visited.

  1. Heilongjiang
    1. Harbin. I visited there as interviewer when we went there to recruit from Harbin University of Science and Technology
  2. Liaoning
    1. Dalian. Visited there many times for business, and jus for tour.
  3. Beijing
    1. Visited this city for at least 30 times. The most frequently visited city other than my home city.
  4. Shandong
    1. Jinan once, Qingdao for many times, all for tour, and Yantai once, Weihai once.
  5. Jiangsu
    1. All the major cities like Suzhou, Nanjing, Changzhou, Wuxi, Huzhou… I always wanted to visit Yangzhou
  6. Shanghai
    1. This is where I set my home at.
  7. Zhejiang
    1. Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Ningbo, Zhoushan…
  8. Fujian
    1. Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Xiamen for many times, because of the Drum Wave Island.
  9. Guangdong
    1. Guangzhou, Shenzhen for many times. But not other cities.
  10. Guangxi
    1. Guilin – the traditional tourism city
  11. Yunnan
    1. Lijiang
  12. Hainan
    1. All the major cities, and stayed for at least one night in each city during our around Hainan tour in one spring festival: Haikou, Sanya, Qionghai, Dongfang… Sanya is my favorite beach destination, and I have been there for almost 10 times.
  13. Sichuan
    1. Chengdu – for many times
  14. Anhui
    1. Hefei. Just once.
  15. Jiangxi
    1. Nanchang for a brief night to attend a company party of Microsoft
  16. Henan
    1. My home town. I visited most of the cities for many times: Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanyang, Pingdingshan, Xinyang, Anyang…
  17. Shaanxi
    1. My other hometown – Xi’an, Tongchuan.
  18. Hunan
    1. Changsha, and Loudi.
  19. Hubei
    1. Wuhan – visited their to deliver a course for software park once.

Provinces I have never visited are:

  1. Jilin
  2. Xinjiang
  3. Ningxia
  4. Inner Mongolia
  5. Tibet
  6. Qinghai
  7. Tianjin
  8. Shanxi
  9. Guizhou
  10. Hebei
  11. Chongqing
  12. Taiwan
  13. Gansu
How about you?

P.S. Passing by in a train or plane or bus means I nerver visited.
P.S 2. Transit airplane or visit without a night stay does not count for “visited”. How about you?

8 thoughts on “Chinese Provinces I Visited

  1. I wonder why you consider Taiwan as a Chinese province? Is it common among mainlanders?

  2. Makese, you made a very interesting and thought-provoking comment. Yes. Majority of people in mainland China think about it that way – because all the text book, and everything people read in China state Taiwan is a province of China. Other statements are regarded as “illegal” or at least inappropriate. That is the fact. For sure people on the other side of the strait have different views. I have never been to Taiwan and I don’t really know whether people hold the view that all the mainland of China is part of China (ROC), or Taiwan is independent country. What do you feel and what your guess is the portion of the point of views? I hope there is an open discussion about it.

  3. Except Gansu(hometown), Shanghai, Hubei,Zhejiang,Jiangsu, other provinces, not yet.
    I believe, sooner or later, Taiwan will be returned to the motherland.

  4. Makese,
    You can study the history and learn the facts, and then you can form your own option on the subject (Assuming you are not been biased).

  5. Jianshuo, let’s plan a family trip to taiwan! It’s very easy and cheap to people with shanghai hukou now.

  6. @Jianshuo, I know that Taiwan (ROC) still considers the Mainland as part of its territory, but I highly doubt that any Taiwanese nowadays think like that, it doesn’t make much sense, right?
    At the same time, all of Taiwanese I know don’t consider themselves as Chinese-Chinese (as PRC Chinese). Obviously, they have the Chinese heritage, as it can happen with Singaporean-Chinese, Malaysian-Chinese, Thai-Chinese and so on, but not the feeling of belonging to the PRC.
    I live in Shanghai, but visited Taiwan many times, and it is quite enriching to see the differences between Mainland and Taiwan: in some aspects, you can even say that Taiwan is more “Chinese” than the Mainland, as you can see more clear examples of what is traditional Chinese culture than in a city like Shanghai.

    I am not Chinese nor Taiwanese, so this is my view as an outsider, without any consideration to politics or nationalism. Hope it helps

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