Chengshan Road Under Construction

After completed for few years, the Chengshan Road surface is under construction. The big machine had get rid of asphalt of the surface, and waiting for the new surface to be laid out. So, currently, the road surface looks like this:

It will be few days like this, and it caused big problem with the traffic. It reminded me of the most advanced asphalt paving system I have ever seen. It combined the two steps into one, and the road is instantly new with the asphalt. Shanghai should learn from Weihai.

2 thoughts on “Chengshan Road Under Construction

  1. Dear Mr Wang, the link of this article “advanced asphalt paving system” can not be openned, do you know the reason? I was impressed deeply by that article years ago, and eager to find it out to show it to my husband:). Could you please help me with that?

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