7 Year Anniversary of Baixing

It is an exciting day. Looking back of the 7 years, I cannot imagine how I can be luckier to have a group of really talented, committed, and passionate friends to work on this. 7 years is not a short period of time. That is almost 1/7 of one’s entire working life. This group of people stayed with each other, hand in hand, and marching forward – to change the world.

5 thoughts on “7 Year Anniversary of Baixing

  1. Falling short of 10th year of blogging, I see the curtain is finally drawn………….At any rate, it was a good show……….. Don’t lost streaming on your Baixing…………….Good luck and goodbye!

  2. @stephen, I am not sure if I have completely completed my blogging yet. I still didn’t finally decided to stop the blogging. After exploring some twitter and weibo, I still believe blogging is one of the more meaningful way to organize thoughts and to get message a crossed. I am still try to get back to blogging, gradually.

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