Shanghai New Traditional Industry Gather

New Year Gather

The interesting part of life is to set traditions. We now have a new tradition: to meet quarterly within the community of Internet entrepreneurs in Shanghai. Here is the first gather:


They are the CEO of, ,,,,, some of the most important internet websites in China.

Beautiful Life

Alan de Botton is really my favorite writer. I am re-reading his “Consolation of Philosophy”, and it inspired me a lot. On Consolation of Lack of Money, he wisely quoted Epicure about the natural and necessary needs of human. It turned out that those does not cost a lot of money, like running, is natural and necessary, while expensive houses and fame are not. We really need to switch the paradigm of this world.

Mileage of Running

I tend of enjoy accumulating mileage of many interesting programs – United Mileage Plus, or HHonors… But nothing is comparable to the feeling of accumulating calorie burns. I started to run about 3-5 km per day or walk the same distance. It turned out to be very exciting experience. Thanks to Nike Plus that help me to record that, and accumulate.

Other Learning

Controlling the scope of a project, or a meeting is one of the most critical part of success. We continued to recall some of the most important principles in project management.

Time to sleep.

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  1. I always wanted to know if I’m burning same amount of calorie or not by walking vs. running for the same distance, let’s say 5k.

    Since you are using Nike Plus, can you try it and let me know the result.

    Thank you.

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