Tomorrow is Steve Jobs Day in California

California claimed Oct 16 is Steve Jobs day. It is a well deserved honor. I don’t think Steve ever cares about it when he was alive, and when he knows his days were limited.

It reminded us the saying that “What matters is not what the world give us. It is what we offer to this world”. Steve offered a lot, and he is remembered.

Sometimes, people need such inspirational moment when a great person leaves us as wake up call. It serves as a north star to help us understand what matters, via the life of another great person. That last time I was shocked, and moved, and in deep thoughts were almost 6 years ago (the flower I left in that space).

Steve’s life (especially the later part) was guided by a personal vision – something to define what he is about and thus defined what a company was about. We need that vision to help us understand what we are about.

1 thought on “Tomorrow is Steve Jobs Day in California

  1. Jobs was nothing more than a great salesman, and he aspired to be nothing more than that.

    The fact that a day is dedicated to him reflects rather poorly on our society.

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