Shall I be Back with Blog?

I tested to work on Weibo for some time, and it is good for instance publishing, and it did consumed much of my time. Now it is the time to do some reflection of the experiments, and understand what is the next thing to do.

Shall I return to blog after pausing for some time?

I think the answer is “YES”. You may be happy with my final decision. Here is why.

Distribution? Microblog wins

On the distribution of content, Microblog definitely wins. If you post something on Sina Weibo, it gets many comments immediately – 2 to 100 comments, which is hard to get from this blog, even at the peak time.

Time Used? Microblog wins

The time needed to publish a Weibo is much less than a blog, and if you just want to share some photos, like photos with Jack Ma, or other important people, it is nice tool. Share some scenery photos, Weibo wins.

Depths, and Help on Thoughts? Blog Wins

However, the reason I want to start a blog is not about the readership, and not about getting responses. To be honest, the response I got from Weibo is not as high-quality as I got here, and it is not easy to engage in in-depth discussion.

I am Back

After leaving blog for a while, I just realized I thought less than before, and didn’t take the chance to summarize what is happening around me, and reflect on what I did. Writing takes time, but so does thinking. No writing, no thinking (at least no in-depth thinking). That’s it.

I am back.

12 thoughts on “Shall I be Back with Blog?

  1. I am thinking about enabling Facebook for comment, but still need to have something for people who is not using Facebook, or who is blocked from Facebook. Thinking about solution right now.

  2. Exactly. I am determined to be back to the old fashioned way, and I also figured out something modern, like enabling Facebook Social Plug-in for my readers in US – that should work, although it brings some small problems for people in China. That is cool.

  3. Yes, I share your feelings about the positive aspects of blogging and the allure of just satisfying your need to self-express on Facebook, Weibo, or other social media sites. I think in my current situation of getting settled in Beijing, and the amount of travel I need to do, that I can’t yet return to blogging. But I do hope to return to thinking and introspection, and digesting the events around me!

  4. Adding a social sharing button or widget is an option to make blogs more social, I think :) So readers from other social networks have a better chance to touch your wonderful blog.

  5. Yay!!!!!! Excellent news for this particular social media dinosaur :-)

    I’ve always most enjoyed the posts in which you reflect on your thought process about something, Jian Shuo. And I promise you that 20 years from now (or even later) you (and your descendants) will really appreciate this journal you’ve been keeping as your life unfolds.

  6. Good to see that you decided to continue your blog. I started reading when I found it before moving to Shanghai and continue reading 6 years later. I was kind of sad not to see anymore posts.


  7. I think you’d better back to the blog. The weibo is more easier to lose the passion compared to the blog. For me, I’d like to review your blog from time to time, I just wanted to know what you guys were talking. but It is hard for me to follow it out by weibo except the twitter.

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