Never Squeeze Buffer Time for Travel

Now it is official: I will get to airport for any travel 2 hours before departure. That is the law now.

The past experience shows that the practice works well. There are several reasons.

A long line at check-in counter, and a slow attendant/a slow customer, or both can easily cost 30 – 60 minutes (As I did this morning at American Airlines SFO counter).

Other things may happen. Just before I returned my car, I realized that I didn’t fill in the gas yet. So I exit at a unfamiliar exit of US-101, only to find myself lost in the curry roads. After get a gas station, they do not accept my credit card (expected), but the counter was closed due to July 4 holiday (surprise!). Then I need to find another one.

Things do happen. So prepare for it.

The upside is, airport wifi (free in PVG, SHA, and 45 minutes free in SFO), and good Internet client like iPhone and iPad, I can be as productive and as happy at airport.

That is the reason to prompt me to fix the lead time and stick to it.

3 thoughts on “Never Squeeze Buffer Time for Travel

  1. A few weeks ago I was leaving for the airport a few hours ahead of my flight… turned off all my electricity thinking I would save some energy while I was away from my apartment. When I almost arrived at the airport, I realized I turned off my refrigerator by accident!! LOL. Luckily I had enough time so I turned around and went home to turn it back on. Cab ride costed me double, but at least all my food didn’t spoil!

  2. Nice way to put it hehe, i will consider the mentioned advantages hehe, definitely sometimes you might be better earlier than in a hurry!

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