Hello from SFO

Hello, I am here, stayed at Foster City, CA this time.

The trip was long. I transferred at Los Angeles International Airport via American Airlines. I didn’t write it before, but I really like San Francisco over Los Angeles, and I enjoy SFO much better than LAX.

Los Angeles

Interestingly, my impression of Los Angeles was all about being hungry. The last time I did the trip with Wendy from the south up to LA on I-5, the only reason we took exist at the downtown was, we were so hungry because we didn’t have lunch and it was 3:30 PM. So LA has been a place to eat when we are hungry. Later, when we spent the last night at LAX, it was the same. We wanted to have dinner, and since we stayed near LAX airport, we took the shuttle to the airport hoping to get some thing to eat. Again, to our disappointment, most terminals won’t open for people who are not traveling.

Over-night Flight

So far, I like the schedule of AA182, over UA858. The flight leaves Shanghai on 9:45p, and arrives at LAX at 1830p. The flight was a long one but since it overlaps with the sleeping time of my body, I happily fell asleep all the way until one hour before arrival. The long flight became invisible for me. If there is a chance, I will choose this flight the next time – flying at night, and arriving at night.

New Things

Shanghai to San Francisco has been a routine route for me, and by changing a flight (well, I was forced to because of late booking), and changing an airline, changing a time, I experienced something new. New things makes people happy (well, at least for the ENFP like myself). Looking forward to seeing new things in the future.

Time to sleep. Good night.

6 thoughts on “Hello from SFO

  1. Good for you,Jianshuo!

    I like America,and I like travelling.I hope one day I can fly the world like you,but I’m now in college,I cannot offer the time and the money.

    Fortunately,we have Google Street View ;-)

  2. WJS,

    so if you get cash out of an ATM with say a China Merchants Bank card (not a credit card), with both UnionPay and Visa logos…

    Is it done as a Visa cash advance, with associated interest fees, or does the cash come out straight from your linked Chinese bank account (with some hopefully minimal fees) ?


  3. RWM,

    If you use your ATM card overseas to withdraw cash in local currency, money will be withdrawn from your linked bank account. No interest will incur, however you will pay a transaction fee which will reflect on your transaction. If you use your credit card, then it’s considered cash advanced and will incur hefty interest. When I go to a foreign country, I always use my ATM card to withdraw cash because you’ll get the best exchange rates this way.

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