IKEA Beicai Store to Open on June 23, 2011

After visiting the crowded IKEA Xujiahui Store, I am happy to learn that the IKEA Beicai Store will officially open on June 23, 2011.

The BeicaiStore is just 4 km away from my home. The store is basically the same size of the Xujiahui store, and has a equally good location – at the intersection of Hunan Highway and the Middle Ring Road. I am looking forward to visiting the store as soon as it opens. (Well, even for the first day, it is expected to be crowded, based on my experience of the opening of the Xuhui store).


Image courtesy of IKEA official site


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IKEA’s success in China showed the strong growth of the domestic market. It also shows the return of being patience. IKEA started as a small store, and then planned and built the larger one. Then, it started to build the current Beicai store from 2006. At that time, the Xujiahui store was still pretty empty. Half of the parking lots had not been used. With the long term view, and operation like a startup, IKEA finally win big in this raising market.

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