My Secret Weekend Picnic Place

I admit I hesitated a little bit before I want to share the place. It is my favorite place to picnic, which is within walking distance from where I live. The best part of it is, no one knows about it, so it is always “one-family” picnic camp ground. Anyway. Let me share the secret with the hope that others may also be able to enjoy the great place.

Culture Park

Its address:

Gaoke West Road, and Bohua Road. If you drive from west to east on Gaoke West Road, turn left at the traffic light. There is a small blue gate that you can drive your car into it

It is the site of future Culture Park. It has been planned since I moved to the area in 2004. 7 years past, the park is still the grassland. Now, it is the cultivating place for trees that may be used in other parks. Strictly speaking, it is not an open park yet, so no one knows its existence. The half closed gate effectively drive most of visitors away.

Here is the map.


Map in courtesy of Google Maps

The Camp Ground

I took some photos of a small picnic of this afternoon. Nice weather, and it is completely relaxing to sit there, look at the kids to play ball on the grass, and laugh together in the tent, or brings them to a walk between the trees. The best part of this camp ground is, it is free – money free, and people free.





There are certain rules, I hope everyone honors if you visit the place.

  • Never part your car on grass. There are small grassland among the main entrance, and branch road. Park ON the road, not the grass. It is OK to block the road since there is no traffic at all, and you can move your car if needed, but do NOT let the tier touch the grass.
  • Don’t liter. Bring everything you bring in with you. It is a free park, and the maintaining staff were kind enough to open the door to allow families to coming, so don’t give them additional burden to clean your stuff. They are not obligated to do so.

Maybe I will see you some day in the Culture Park site. Enjoy your weekend.

4 thoughts on “My Secret Weekend Picnic Place

  1. Hi Jianshuo, me too had a secret spot like you have, but not given exposure on my blog, it’s already been explored by other passengers, now it’s packed with ppl at weekend =_=

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