Xizang S. Road Tunnel

It has been quite some time since I had the relaxed time to update the construction of Shanghai. Today, I am going to talk about the Xizang S. Road Tunnel, which opens many months ago.

It opens along with the Renmin Tunnel, and added it to the many of the tunnels, and bridges along the Huangpu River. It starts from the Xizang S. Road in Puxi and connect with the Gaoke W. Road at Pudong. It is the tunnel I am using everyday, instead of the previous Lupu Bridge, or Nanpu Bridge. It provided a traffic free shortcut between my home to Xujiahui.

Tunnels and Bridges on the Huangpu River

How many tunnels and bridges are on the Huangpu River? I don’t know exactly, since there is too many. Dapu Road Tunnel was the first tunnel in Shanghai and the first bridge was Nanpu Bridge. After that, the construction of the connection between Pudong and Puxi became crazy. Here is a list.

(in the order from the north to the south).

===== Outer-Ring Road Tunnel 外环路隧道

===== Xiangyin Road Tunnel 翔殷路隧道

===== Jungong Road Tunnel 军工路隧道

/////////// Yangpu Bridge 杨浦大桥

===== Dalian Road Tunnel 大连路隧道

===== Xinjian Road Tunnel 新建路隧道

===== Yan’an Road E Tunnel 延安东路隧道

===== Renmin Road Tunnel 人民路隧道

===== Fuxing Road E Tunnel 复兴东路隧道

/////////// Nanpu Bridge 南浦大桥

===== Xizang S. Road Tunnel 西藏南路隧道

/////////// Lupu Bridge 卢浦大桥

===== Dapu Road Tunnel 打浦路隧道

===== Longyao Road Tunnel 龙耀路隧道

===== Shangzhong Road Tunnel 上中路隧道

/////////// Xupu Bridge 徐浦大桥

/////////// Minpu Bridge 闵浦大桥

/////////// Fengpu Bridge 奉浦大桥

/////////// Minpu Bridge II 闵浦二桥

Too many, isn’t it?

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  1. There is a large meadow at the south end of Xizang S. Road. Maybe it will becaome some building in a few months.

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