Yifan’s Drawing of Dad and Him

Yifan pick up a chalk and drew the following drawing on the floor at home.

I assume the left bigger one is Dad (me) and the right one is Yifan himself. I don’t know where he got the inspiration from. From kindergarden or from some of my drawings?

I just cannot keep it on floor for too long so I take the photo and save it digitally.

Yifan was very happy today because we took him to a Japanese restaurant downstairs to eat the “all-you-can-eat” package. Wendy and I paid for our parts and Yifan is free of charge because he is not o110 cm in height yet. Obviously that was a bad rule since Yifan actually ate more than I did. He was so happy with the food and kept singing for an hour after dinner.

Yifan, we love you.

4 thoughts on “Yifan’s Drawing of Dad and Him

  1. Cute! And, I see he drew you with at least *some* hair still on your head :-) How has he reacted to the head-shaving, Jian Shuo? You said that *you* feel the same, but does Yifan recognize that you are still the same Daddy?

  2. I want to ask Yifan about the ears. Are there four ears per person, or are those just ear-shape approximations?

  3. The signature of Yifan’s drawing is the way he draws ears. The story was, at the very beginning, he was taught that the number of 3 is very like an ear, and then, when he draws an ear, he just draw a 3 there.

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