I Got Shaven Head – Part II

Some interesting observation. After I got my head shaven, I realized that my world does not change at all. I cannot see any change from my eyes, unless I unintentionally glance into a mirror. Other than that, nothing.

But the world changes more for people around me. They have to get used to a new image of a person.

Isn’t it interesting enough? The change of a person does not has impact on him, but the world around it. I may have changed a lot in the last few years (lucky me. I can trace the change in very details in the 9 years of blogging, and I can see it), but I am totally unaware of it. It is people around me who felt the change. What I can feel is the interaction between me and my friend. Change of hair style (or in my case, with or without it) is more visible than the change in characters. There is no such a thing called personality mirror so my friends may be the only way to act as the mirror so you can discover the change.

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