Life without Coffee or Tea

I decided to try life without coffee, tea or spicy food from two weeks ago. So far, I feel great.

I said good bye to Starbucks or Coffee Beans and enjoyed water and orange juice more often.

I also tried to sleep earlier and to try to think more and doing more important but less stuff. By giving some constrains to life, do we lead a more spiritual live?

I will share my answer after I practice for more time.

10 thoughts on “Life without Coffee or Tea

  1. hi jianshuo, why this post “” has no comment section? Is this because it’s from an email?

  2. Why without tea? Traditionnally, tea is not supposed to be harmful.

    Do you drink alcohol?

  3. can’t imagine life no coffee, no spicy food.

    will definitely try this if you are still alive after 2 weeks. :)

  4. @cookiez, I guess that is the reason, and also I just cannot get the annoying “text wrap” from a text mail. I may give it up.

    @wenjun, I don’t drink alcohol too often. In certain “ceremony” type of event, I drink red wine.

    @alex, life can do without anything – legs, hands, even eyes, not to mention things around you – lot of people survived with some external constrains. Freedom is really about the freedom to set constrain and say no.

  5. Jianshuo — But, what’s the point? Unless you’re pregnant or something. :)

    I think the whole point of living life is to enjoy it. While I wouldn’t do anything really harmful, I’m not interested in possibly living a slightly longer life if it means going without coffee, booze, real butter, and all the other things we’re told are bad for us.

    For me and my husband, coffee in the morning and a glass of wine at night are part of our daily lives. In moderation, of course.

    It also has to do with upbringing. My husband is French, and I was born in Montreal and grew up in the U.S. I think I’ve had a cup of coffee every morning since I was 18. It’s such a basic.

    While it’s clear to me that all of my local Hong Kong family and friends have totally different habits. They might go to Starbucks once in a while for a wimpy sugary coffee-flavored drink, or they might have a glass of wine at a wedding. (And, for the women, they seem to take it mostly as a “face-saving” obligation). But none of my local relatives or friends consume the same way my Western / overseas Chinese friends do.

  6. Well, it is just to experience different life. Sometimes, when we are free of the attraction of certain things, we feel life is better. It really depends on who we are. Oh. I forgot to add DQ icecream. As I said, I just try to experiment it and will report back after few weeks, whether it is feasible or not. Don’t worry, I may give up.

  7. Wow, I’m very impressed! I stop caffeine for 30-60 days once or twice a year, and I always feel a lot better. I cannot imagine stopping spicy food, though.

  8. Joyce said:

    ‘what’s the point?; I think, I wouldn’t, I’m not interested; me and my husband; My husband is; I was; I think; I’ve had; my family, my friends…”

    It seems that you are not interested in anybodys efforts or opinions except to discourage them and talk about yourself. Good luck with that! Lol

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