Harvard MBA Recommendation Questions

I started to help people to give recommendation for business schools. This is the question from Harvard, and I think they are great dimensions to assets people’s ability. This is a list:

Below Average (Button Third)

Average (Middle Third)

Good (Top Third)

Excellent (Top 15%)

Outstanding (Top 5%)

Leadership Potential:


Personal Maturity:

Professional Maturity:

Imagination and Creativity:


Intellectual Ability:

Analytical Ability:

Quantitative Ability:

Teamwork Skills:

Listening Skills:

Ability in Oral Expression:

Ability in Written Expression:


Global Perspective/Awareness:

Interpersonal Skills – With Subordinates/Colleagues:

Interpersonal Skills – With Superiors:

5 thoughts on “Harvard MBA Recommendation Questions

  1. I found their questions easier to assess compared to the Stanford ones, which were very detailed and specific.

  2. It’s really good for applicants to know what those criteria are too. The more of those key points they can indicate in their own essays the better. Not by *saying* “I am a mature and self-confident leader with good listening skills and excellent analytical abilities” but by indirectly demonstrating those qualities in what they choose to write about. It won’t surprise you to know that your recommendation letter will play a key role in distinguishing the successful applicants Jian Shuo. At the end of a long day of reading personal statements, and reviewing transcripts, I can tell you from my past experience on an admission committee (Stanford GSB) that a compelling rec letter absolutely makes the decision between two otherwise-equally well-qualified applicants. You have an important job to do for these candidates :-)

  3. MBA from Harvard, Stanford is useless and worthless. You get to know the price of everything but not the value of anything.

  4. People often make these blunt comments because they simply don’t know what they are talking about.

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