Challenges to Trust

I started to re-think about the Google’s decision to withdraw from China. If the rumor “attack-from-within” turned out to be true, it is a very reasonable action. The company’s culture is built on trust – new hires from intern to employee were given enough freedom based on trust – they can see documents they need to see, and access to resources they need to access, without limit. That was exactly like the time in Microsoft before 2000 (I still remember how shock I was when I was able to see piece of source code few weeks after I got into the company).

However, that culture, and the way of people’s behaviors were seriously challenged when integrity issue happens. When misbehavior of very few force the company to change its foundation – the full trust to its people, it is the worst challenge possible. No over-react is too over.

The same philosophy applies to the gun right in some countries. Although massive shooting caused many people to die, people still firmly believe gun rights equal to human rights. They are not defending the criminals, they are defending the foundation that people should be trusted to own their own weapons. It is a matter of choice of lifestyle and culture.

Integrity can never be comprised, no matter how bad the consequences are, because it was the culture of “trust”, and freedom to trust people that in stake.

I hope I had made it clear about it.

3 thoughts on “Challenges to Trust

  1. There must be a reason you suddenly refresh this topic. Any hiccups in your company? Wish you could solve it smoothly no mater what it is.

    “Integrity can never be comprised”. I do admire people who stick to his/her principles. The only hesitation I have, sometimes, is whether the principles I stick to might evolve, if I review the whole scenario from a higher altitude. And even if I can be 100% sure that my principle is eternally correct, there are still different ways/techniques to do things. EQ is definitely as important as IQ. Do right things, and do things in right ways.

    Sorry for all the blatter. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not educating you. It’s just you triggered my introspection.

    Oh, and I would be delighted to hear your opinion on some countries that believe gun rights equal to human rights but don’t think every country has equal right to develop their nuclear technology.

  2. Ronald Reagan, when discussing the relationship with Soviet Union, said: “Trust, but verify”.

    In a corporate environment, trust can’t live alone.

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