First Day of 2011 in Hangzhou

I am at Farmer’s Paradise at north of Hangzhou with several of Wendy’s friends. The first day of 2011 is very pleasant, very different from the first few days of 2010, when Yifan got cold and it was completely a mess for the family. I sent SMS greetings to my close friends, and received many. New Year is a good excuse to connect with long lost friends, and say hi. That is social stuff (the reason the Poke feature was successful).

The Farmer’s Paradise is an interesting place. In some sense, it is even comparable to our experience in Disneyland in Hong Kong – the merry-go-around, and the facilities are the same (well, I mean that Hong Kong Disneyland was disappointing, and didn’t deliver much more than a normal amusement park. The show at 2:00 PM successfully engaged people to play games in the New Year. Pretty decent work.

Very relaxed and energetic after the New Year arrives. Shall I celebrate new month every 1st day to feel that type of refreshment?

Wendy, Yifan and I will stay in the Farmer’s Paradise hotel for one night, and head back to Shanghai tomorrow before noon. Good choice to come, and good choice to bring Yifan with us too.

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