A nice Monday.

The post expo days are much better than the half year – at least for the Pudong section.

Young people always brings energy to the team.

The Asia Games obviously didn’t draw too much attention from the people around me.

The Chinese Blogger Conference was just announced today – the conference will be held on this Saturday, breaking the record of the most rushing conference revere and they didn’t announce venue yet. The only thing people outside Shanghai knows is, it will be held in Shanghai so buy the ticket now. The rushing style of the conference is so interesting.

I took some photos using iPhone. It was good, but I didn’t have time to upload yet.

So much for today.

PS. I posted this article using iPad. Not too bad for typing.

1 thought on “Mondays

  1. I am considering purchasing an amazon Kindle. I once saw a girl reading Wang Xiaobo’s Bronze Times on Amazon Kindle earlier this year, when I was taking a train to Nanjing. Actually speaking, I was fascinated by its clean screen, which, unlike the LCD of computers, does not glare at all and thus is eye-proof. That is to say, it tends not to affect eyesight as negtively as LCD does, if one reads an electronic book in PDF format on it for a long time.

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