Expo is Over! Finally!

I was not able to update this blog for quite some time. It has been busy days…

Expo is over. We visited the site on October 30 for the last time. Wendy’s comment: “I started to regret that we hadn’t come more often”. She loves the Italian Pavilion in particular.

What the expo left for the people in this country? I would say: It is the biggest event to educate people to line up. The long lines had became the symbolic sign for this expo. People waited for up to 12 hours to get to a pavilion.

Think about it. How does lining-up for 70 million people impact the line-up habit for this country?

8 thoughts on “Expo is Over! Finally!

  1. Do you think that queuing up habit will stay? I don’t think so. I’m still taking public transport such as subway and bus. Didn’t see any sign of cultivating this good habit.

    Maybe some might think queuing up is wasting time. The current way will be more efficient… just squeeze whenever you like.

  2. i also looove Italy Pavilion and have the same feeling that i should go there more. the enviornment is full of happiness , high tech, food and various live show.

    Italy host 2015 Expo and that’why its worth to visit.

  3. When I was waiting in line for the China Pavilion, there was a woman behind me. I turned to talk to my friend, and suddenly she was ahead of me. Over the course of the line she managed to work her way up about 7-8 people. But it didn’t really matter of course, since at the end of the line we went into elevators, and we were in the same elevator.

    I noticed that the u-turns at the ends of the lines were prime line-jumping points. Got to select a careful cornering line to avoid being passed.

    on the other hand, I noticed that people waited in lines more peacefully in the Metro than previously. And people could get off the metro before others started going in.

    The Italy pavilion was very nice. I liked the look of the Germany pavilion as well, but did not go in, due to the line.

  4. Wow! im glad then that ppl learned this! because it was horrible to fight for the bus or the subway haha!

    I was so glad to see the qingming river exhibition in HK!

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  6. But it’s still a terrible thing to line up. If I had a second chance, I wouldn’t waited for five hours in line for Saudi Arabia Pavilion

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