Timber Cove, Sonoma

This year’s YLF (Young Leaders Forum, National Committee on US-China Relationships) took place in Timber Cove, Sonoma county, California. I have decided to make time for this great event no matter what. I am back from the three day trip, and have time to post some of the photos I took during the days. Well, the content is obviously 100 times better than the content, and I got great inspiration from the other fellows. Since that is a strictly confidential and off-record conference, I won’t disclose anything about the conference itself.

Below: Some times, this type of post card scene (I mean the scene, not my photo using iPhone 4) appears in dreams, and I completely enjoyed watching sunset, and talk with maybe the smarted young group I know. The fire was hot, and the ocean was cold, and the wine from Sonoma county was great.


The scene outside the hotel room is splendid. The sound of wave washing the coast rocks is just like music.


The ocean waves.


This is the small inn, original owned, and designed by Mr. Richard Clement, the father of one of YLFer attending this event, and friend of Ansel Adams.


This is, not surprisingly, me.


The scene along the CA-1 is compariable with the Great Ocean Road of Australia.


The room and platform I spent the days and nights.


The road leading to the sea at Fort Ross.


The mouth of Russia River, where I kayaked with Stacy.


The cost line near the glass house in the middle the sea.


Here is the location.

Map picture

3 thoughts on “Timber Cove, Sonoma

  1. We stayed at Timber Cove Inn many years ago (before we had children) but I had no idea the owner had been friends with Ansel Adams. What a special connection for you to have been there with his son! And I’m so glad you were able to experience it during such beautiful weather! It really is a spectacular part of our coastline. Another wonderful memory for you in this happily charmed life you are leading :-)

  2. I was just driving on Pacific Coast Highway last Wednesday… the southern part of it, from Vancouver (CA) to LA. What a beautiful drive! The one thing I do miss after leaving LA for about 10 years is that coast line.

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