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Trying to use Windows Blog Writer to create a test post. The new version looks better, although I was completely confused by the Windows Live Messenger new version.

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  1. Hi, I was using Windows Live Blog for a blog about Shanghai, as it is not blocked in China. But, I recently found that Microsoft will stop this service soon. They will let people move their blogs to WordPress, but I think that WordPress may be blocked in China. So I will have to figure something else.

    But I guess you can continue to use the Writer tool for other blogs.

    Wang Jian Shuo, what blog service do you use? Or did you make it yourself?

  2. wordpress is not blocked in shanghai but in other cities (such as my hometown zhen jiang).

    Live Writer is good but i don’t know how to download.. The download page confused me for a long time and i can’t find any download link.. strange microsoft.

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