Meetings in Singapore

Meetings include:

  • Meeting with faculties in National University of Singapore
  • Workshop on China’s Internet – The room will filled with 300 students with another same size room broadcasting the video
  • Meeting with Infocomm Development Agency
  • Meeting with Media Development Agency
  • Meeting with Temasek
  • Meeting with NUS alumni
  • Meeting with computer department of NUS.

There are other smaller meetings in it. I love my Singapore trip. Here are some photos.

Below: A cool demo by a company invested by MDA.

P.S. the F1 will be held inside the city tomorrow, roughly at the time I am flying above Vietnam.

2 thoughts on “Meetings in Singapore

  1. I was impressed by the English language women’s magazines in Singapore. All the content was Asian/Chinese but as an American Chinese, I really felt that this was more suitable to my taste. Maybe your wife would like some.

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