Restart the Daily Blog

In the last two months, especially the last month, I didn’t keep my daily blogging int he last 8 years. There are many things to do in the last month, and I think I am completely occupied by my business world – hiring was one of the key job I did. To be honest, I was pretty stressed out.

Now, I feel I am starting to get back to the original energy level, so, I think I am able to get back to the daily blog schedule which I kept for years.

P.S. I will write about where I am today. It is somewhere near where the ideas of where the movie Cars came out.

3 thoughts on “Restart the Daily Blog

  1. glad to know that from you again, welcome back jsw :) loves to read your daily (more or less) dose of life sharings in SH.

    ohh my little boy loves McQueen, you’re almost in the Disney pixar area

  2. Jia You… I’ve gone in and out of blogging a fair bit myself.

    Tweeting, though… that’s a fair bit different…

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