USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

I was at the USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo. Surprisingly, it is much better than a tent (as people joked about it when the funding problem was not solved).

They have a nice opening area outside the 1776 Suite (VIP area) on the second floor)

Pay attention to the “hard” word in the posting. Funny. A good way to cure a minor design mistake.

As expected, there are many people visiting the expo this morning:

8 thoughts on “USA Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

  1. It’s ok, but when you are at the expo (as I was yesterday) and see it in context will all the other pavilions around it, the US pavilion really is an architectural disappointment. I mean, the Angola (!) pavilion only 100 meters away is far more creative and attractive, and the Slovakia (!) pavilion was drawing visitors for its facade when it’s not even open yet! Really, it’s embarrassing.

  2. Hello Jian Shuo my friend!! Long time no speak! I trust you, Wendy and Yifan are well. My apoloigies for posting such a random comment on this article. Quick update on us – Jaime is expecting a little brother on 2nd October this year – very exciting time for us!!

    Anyway, as you already know, you were my inspiration for me starting blogging almost three years ago. Since then, my blog has become very popular in Singapore and I have even been engaged by MICA (ministry of information, communications and arts) as the Govts ‘expat partner’ for a variety of projects and campaigns to promote Singapore as a great place to work, live, play and study. I am truly indebted to you for the success of my blog derived from your inspiration.

    Last year I was selected as a top 10 finalist in the OMY Singapore bilingual blog awards and quoted you as my inspiration to begin blogging (in the written interview).

    I have once again been short listed to the top 10 on the 2010 awards. This is a huge honour and next week I will be attending media interviews (including TV) where they have given me a set of prepared questions to respond to – one of the questions is how and why I started blogging. I will be naming you again my friend as my inspiration. The videos will also be posted online at OMY so I will be sure to send you the link.

    In the meantime, determination of the winner will have a voting component (30% of the overall criteria), so I would be greatly appreciative if you could get encourage your readership and fans to go online to their site and vote for me! Each person can vote once a day and obviously can reside anywhere in the world (not just Singapore… Sg readers account for around just 35% of my traffic). To vote, people just need to go to the website, select categories and click on ‘what the hell’ category. Then click vote next to me (Aussie Pete). The awards website is Remember they can vote daily and also can win great prizes for participating! If not a member to vote there is a very quick and simple registration. All up will just take a couple of minutes to vote for my blog.

    Thanks Jian Shuo and apologies once again for hijacking this post. Really hope you can give me a ‘plug’ to your readers and fans along with some encouragement!!


  3. loving the pics and reports from the expo, jianshuo!!! I’m heading there in July to work in the mei guo guan and I can’t wait.

  4. I have seen the first picture of this article for several times,until now I found in the picture the word should be “1776”,but now it is “I776”,a good mistake.If the people doesn’t pay much attention to it,he or she will not find it.

  5. It seems that the USA Pavilion is not as popular as some other pavilions at the Expo. It has not been mentioned as one of “must-visit” places.

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