Back from Jinshan Beach

Shanghai is near sea, but Shanghai never has a good beach. Shanghai is one of the most richest cities with one of the highest travel demand – so people in Shanghai love to hang around in Sanya, and spent huge amount of dollars on air tickets.

Is there a way to build a beach with sand in Shanghai?

People in Jinshan gave it a try.


That is a big area of beach, with nice sand. It is said they shipped the sand from somewhere – Dalian? The water is at least clean, and you can identify the color of blue in the water. There are people sailing in the sea.

This is the beach I saw most like beach in Shanghai, although it is still far from real beach.

I didn’t bring a camera. Sorry that I didn’t take photos.


It is easy to get there by car. Just get to S4. When you intersect with G15, you are almost there. Look at the map above.

It is about 70 km away from where I live. It took about one hour to get there. Bandenger is bigger than Goudaner. Although it is not as easy to manage in downtown Shanghai as Goudaner, it did take care of us better. I didn’t feel tired after the two hour trip. It seems we can go to surrounding areas more often in the future.

6 thoughts on “Back from Jinshan Beach

  1. could you put as some photos? and give the adress in chinese(for showing to taxi) and english. I think there is a metro-train we can take first and then a taxi, right?

  2. If one has spare time, he often goes there to enjoy the beach, sea and sky. But he has better to own a car since it’s away from the downtown. If the poor went there, they must spend much more time in getting there by bus or bike (don’t know how many cars there are for every person in Shanghai), then they may enjoy themselves after a tiring bike’s trip and a short rest. (don’t also know if they are interested in going for an outing , perhaps they only like to have a good time in the centre of the city.) Yet it is probably the biggest dream that they can travel by driving themselves’ cars, I suppose.

  3. Next from Wangjianshuo: How I pick my nose and eat my bogies. Thrilling. This has to be one of the most inane blogs on the web. A boring twat discussing a boring life.

  4. Yawnsville, can u post your picture? I’d like to see your picture going through puberty

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